How To Fix “Hp Printer In Error State Windows 10”?

Seeing errors while printing a document is not a new thing. All you need to keep patience and try smart techniques to solve it. Hp Printer in error state is one of the most common issues faced by the users. More often, the error message appears when your printer is turned off, not properly connected or when your system gets new updates. Corrupted printer driver, open printer cover, paper jamming cause the connected device to stop working and leave you in an unpleasant situation.

Steps To Fix HP Printer In Error State on Windows 10?

Before we move ahead, have a look at its possible reasons:

Uninstalling and reinstalling printer drivers is a common practice, every user chooses to go with. Most of the time, it helps them solve the error. But what to do when it fails. Below mentioned are some ways you can try for seamless printing:

Run Troubleshooter:

Run a printer troubleshooter to avoid printer error messages in Windows 10. Here’s how one can do so:

  • Please check that your printer is plugged into the power supply and turned ON. For wired printers, check USB connection and the wireless connection for wireless devices.
  • If it doesn’t help you, download and run the printing troubleshooter.
  • Again, if you are not getting the desired result, it can be said your printer needs a new driver.
  (a)  For this, right-click the ‘Start’ button and choose “Device Manager”.
(b)  Next, tap the “Expand Printers” option and look for your printer in the list.

(c) Right-click it and tap the “Update Driver” option.

The performance of the printer driver must be checked as it is accountable for giving print instruction to a printer. Update printer driver ensures hassle-free printing experience. I hope, it will help you. If not proceed to the next one.

Check Wi-Fi or Cable:

Chances are there that the problem is with the printer itself. For this, check that the printing device is turned ON and connected to your PC via Wi-Fi or cable. Ensure that the cover isn’t open and the paper isn’t jammed.

Choose “Use Printer Online” Option:

Another reason for your discomfort could be the offline printer. Perform the below-provided steps to make it online :

  • First of all, Press “Windows + R”, then enter “control panel” in the run windows and open it.

  • After that select “Devices and printers” options.

  • Click on  your printer from the displayed printer list
  • If the “Printer is offline”, you will see a status saying “Offline Message”. On the other side, it will show you “Ready”, if Printer is online.
  • To set HP printer to online mode, right-click on printer and choose “Use Printer Online”.
  •  Doing so, the display will change to “ready”.

Check Paper Is Loaded or Not..?

If the printer is not responding to print command, you must check paper is loaded on the printer tray. Don’t forget to switch off the printer before you verify paper loading. Wait for a few minutes and check if there is any improvement.

Verify Virus Or Malware Attack:

Virus or other malware attack may also cause the printer to show errors. For this, you have to scan your system with antivirus or antimalware program.

Clear print spooler files:

Clear spooler files may also help removing the printing error.

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers and 
  • There delete all the data inside the printer folder.
  • Again, move to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86 and delete all the data inside the folder.
  • Now, restart the spooler service and see what difference does it make.

Troubleshoot HP Printer in error state in Mac or iOS Device :

Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod users feel annoy in given situations:

  • They are not able to see their printer in their device and get message related to missing Mac Hp printers.
  • Get message saying “software for your device is not available”.
  • Mac or iOS device showing some other problems related to printing device.

If your printer is having Air-Print printer in error state in Mac, there is a need to check that it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you are using for your Mac or iOS device. However, the printing issues continue to exist, check out these steps:

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and printer (Bring printer closer to Wi-Fi router).
  • Update Wi-Fi and printer driver with the recent version.
  • Next, update the software for your Mac or iOS device.

To remove Air Print-enabled error, try the below steps:

  • First, disconnect the printer‘s cable that is connected to your Mac. If it case of wireless printer, disconnect it too.
  • Now, turn off your printer.
  • Get latest software updates for your Mac. As a part of it, it will help you to automatically download the latest software for the printer.
  • Turn On your printing device and reconnect it with Mac.
  • Next, tap Apple menu > System Preferences and select click Printers & Scanners.
  • Pick your printer given in the list of devices.

If your printer is not there in the list, do one thing. Click + at the bottom of the list and then select the command to add a printer or scanner. A new window will open that will you allow you to add a printer.

Conclusion :

We understand how pathetic the situation is when you are not getting desired print out thus provided you with the best methods. All these are simple and less time taking. Still, not able to perform it on your own, do ask our technicians. You may contact us through chat or visit the HP printer official website for assistance.

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