How To Rectify HP Printer Offline Error ?

1. First, you need to reboot your printer by turning it Off and again turn it back On. To complete this process of booting, give it a little time so that your printing machine can carry out all the activities flawlessly.

2. Please see that the printer is connected to your PC. It doesn’t matter whether it is connected via Ethernet or wirelessly. Along with this, also make sure that your HP printer has network connectivity. In case, it is a networked unit then see its link light (situated on printer’s back panel) is flashing green.

3. Log onto your OS with the help of administrator a/c because it contains “Manage Printers” rights. In some of the cases, a local administrator a/c is enough.

4. Move to your Pc’s screen and there select Start button> Devices and Printers.

5. Afterward, make a right-click on your HP printer and pick the option named “See what is printing”. You will then redirected to the print spooler window.

6. After clicking on your printer, remove the checkmark that you can see next to “Use Printer Offline”. I hope your printer will now come to the online position. If it’s not so, move to our next step.

7. Close your print spooler screen and move back to Devices and Printers. After opening any Internet browser please download the current printer from its official website.

8. To install HP printer driver on your OS move according to directions provided on the screen. Still, you failed in your effort, try out our next step.

9. Go to Start> Control Panel on your desktop. Now, go to the next screen where moving to the upper right corner you will find the search bar. There you need to type “troubleshooter” and click on the “Troubleshooting” link (that you can see in the next window).

10. Under Hardware & Sound, you can find the “Use a printer” option and snap it.

11. Do as per guidelines are given on-screen. The troubleshooter will automatically locate and fix the problem. If due to any reason it fails to remove the bug, then you will be provided additional support.


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