Quicken Won’t Open After Window Update

All the applications and software tend to produce an error at some point in time. Likewise is the case of QUICKEN. Although it offers exceptional services to users, still issues are attached to it. “Quicken won’t open/launch” is one of them. Are you among those who are not able to access Quicken after installing the latest Windows 10 version? It might have been possible that you missed some necessary steps at the time of installation. Well, this is the exact platform where you can get an answer to all your queries.

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Try logging into Quicken with the help of your id and password. If you don’t remember them, given steps will help you:

1. First, open Quicken.
2. Tap ‘forget my password’ option.

Source: Quicken

3. You are now required to enter your Quicken id followed by clicking the ‘Submit’ option.
4. A code will be sent to you. Please enter that code and set a new password for your id.

Source: Quicken

Here, we are sharing some of the quick and doable ways to fix Quicken won’t open error. Be it 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,18,19 and 2020 version, it will work for all.

1. Restart your device:

  • First, click on the start button at the left-hand bottom of your screen.
  • Then choose the power button
  • Next, click on the Restart option.

2: Reinstall Mondo (Update) Patch :

a) First check the version of your Quicken program, to check the version simply click on Help at the top then click on About Quicken.

Source: Quicken

b) After that again click on help and then select check for updates and wait for some time to see install the patch.

Source: Quicken

c) If you are unable to get the latest update by following the above steps then check the below links to download it manually.

d) Restart your computer once you install the mondo patch.

3. Open Quicken without Data files:

  • Hold Ctrl+Shift key. After this, make double click on Quicken.
  • Do it until a blank screen appears in front of you.
  • If you see it (blank screen), there are chances that something is wrong with data files. To validate the restored back-up record, you need to move to File, after then file operations. Now, tap the Validate and fix option.
  • In the last step, check to validate the file and snap the Ok button.

4. Disable Anti-virus and firewall:
Sometimes Anti-virus and firewall installed on your PC also prevent software from running properly. Disabling them for a short time would be the better option if you lack updated settings to incorporate Quicken as a secure program.
Speak to your anti-virus/firewall provider, in case you have no knowledge about updating these settings.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Quicken program:
Last but not the least, you can try solving the problem with uninstalling and reinstalling method.

  • Right-click on Quicken, there select ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • You may also use QcleanUi to eliminate installation problems with Quicken for windows.

Note: Before you reinstall Quicken, don’t forget to check that firewall and anti-virus are disabled.

  • Reinstall the application now.
  • Once it is completed, enable the firewall and anti-virus.

Conclusion : I hope, it will benefit you and help you complete the pending task. If it looks hard to manage it your own, contact us via chat support & our expert will help with this.

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