How To Contact Pogo Customer Support?

Having more than 5 million registered users, Pogo is a trending name in the world of online gaming. No matter whether you are a free user or Club Pogo Member, it becomes ultimate fun when you are playing pogo games.

Everyone wants trouble-free enjoyment but that doesn’t happen all the time. The errors come across their way. But not to worry, you are in the right place. Here, we shall discuss in which circumstances and how one can avail support for pogo games.

Before we move, you need to understand that sometimes applying your own mind or techniques may further aggravate the situation. At that time, Pogo Technical Support proves to be the best alternative. Without taking much of your time, it resolves all your queries.

Let me now tell you when you need to contact pogo customer support:-

# In case of issues regarding account access or Pogo password reset.
# Unauthorized charges, Billing issues (when overcharged or charged wrongly on your account by Pogo ).
# Missing of Gems Or Token.
# When club pogo games not loading.
# Club Pogo Membership issues.
# Club pogo sign in problem 

Below mentioned are the steps you may follow to avail Online Chat Support:–

1. First, visit
2. Now, you are required to select Your Platform on which you play games. For instance, if you play games on the Windows machine, pick the ‘PC’ option.

3. As you do this, there appears a number of options on the screen. Choose the Technical Support option from the ‘Select Topic’ menu.

4. Choose your issue as ‘Game Progress’ issue followed by clicking ‘Select Contact Option’ at the bottom of the page.
5. Next, you will be asked to insert your Pogo username and password. In case, you are unable to log in, tap the ‘Create New Account’ option.

6. Once you create a new Ea account, you will be taken to a screen where you can start Live Chat. It will help you to share your problems with the technicians.

There is no helpline number available for Pogo Support. Since it (Pogo) was bought by EA (Electronic Arts Inc.), they discontinued their services of Direct Support Number. Thus, we suggest you going for their Email and Live Chat Support. These services are the worth beneficiary. Once they receive your request regarding any issue, they definitely stand for you and helps you troubleshoot the error.

I hope, we have provided you the best information and ways to avail Pogo Support. If you have any query then comment below or use our chat service to get the answers to your queries.

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