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 Stands for ‘Global Positioning System’, it is simply a satellite navigation device that helps users to track the location of the remote entity. Or we can say, by using GPS it’s easy to determine the ground position of an object.Let me tell you that the US military was the first to use this technology in the year 1960. Later, it expanded to civilian use. At present, commercial products like automobiles, smartphones, exercise watches include GPS receivers in it.These devices work in almost every weather condition, in every corner of the world, 24 hours a day and more importantly with no subscription or setup charges.A big thanks to the technology that today we have such a handy and helpful device that tells:

! Users the roads or paths available,
! Details regarding congestion and alternative path
! Another best option, in case some roads are busy
! Location of food, banks, hotels, airports or other similar places of interests
! The shortest possible route between two places
! Different ways to drive on a highway


1. Hardwired GPS Tracking Devices: The users carry these devices in their vehicles. For their working, such devices make use of the power of the vehicle’s battery. With the brain of a device hidden under the dashboard, these devices sometimes come with antennas that you should attach to your vehicle.

2. Personal GPS Tracker: Basically, these tracking devices appear like small beepers or cell phones. These handheld devices sometimes clipped to a belt or tossed in a purse. Serving the purpose of personal use, the device is often purchased for protection of adults and children. However, some devices contain a panic button that alerts family or authorities in the hour of emergency.

3. Real-Time GPS Trackers: These devices continuously transmit information thus helping users to track their location all the time. Being an advanced and highly sophisticated device, it makes use of tracking services and GPS tracking software.

4. GPS Loggers: Well, with these GPS loggers, you can record data that is to be retrieved later on. For say, it can track a vehicle or shipment, however, you can’t retrieve the details from the GPS tracking system until it is manually uploaded to PC. Another name for this device is passive GPS tracking systems.

Let’s us now talk about common problems that users face with these GPS devices:

1. GPS devise not providing accurate location: Such an issue actually takes place because of error in location. It’s so because your antenna is having a problem in establishing a satellite signal. Thus it can be said that it is not correctly positioned. Here, what you need to do you is to transfer your antenna or GPS tracking device to a position having a clear view of the sky.

2. Visibility: This can be another issue with your GPS device. You must know that if the satellite signal is blocked or GPS receiver is trying to get signals from a satellite i.e more than 11,000 miles away, in that case, the signal can be lost or not visible to the GPS system. Tunnels, large buildings, or areas with trees may lead to blockage of signals from satellites.

3. GPS Movement: Movement of these devices depends upon the GPS model you have purchased or the type of unit that comes with your vehicle. As the vehicle gains high speed, the device stop working. This situation is most likely to occur when you are having a handheld GPS system and trying to use it in your car.

4. Not able to trace the live location: The users get disturbed when they see such a problem with their device. For this, they must have the latest Garmin maps update as it becomes difficult for older maps to cover some far located areas.

In spite of this, other common problems include Depleted battery, fault in Power button, Downloading and uploading issues, Sound failure, Sudden shut off while using, Unresponsive touchscreen, device Fails to turn ON, etc.

Major Brands that deals in GPS device are:

* GARMIN: Founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989, Garmin Ltd., is an American multinational technology company. The company has specialization in producing GPS technology for sectors like automotive, aviation, marine and sports activities.For any queries related to these products, please visit Garmin Express Support. Here, the industry’s best technicians will fix all your problems within a few minutes. Just you need to place a call at toll-free number (1-888-200-7580).

* TOMTOM: A Dutch company TomTom N.V offers a wide range of traffic, navigation and mapping products. Launched in 1991, it has the ability to make action cameras, GPS sports watches, fleet management systems, and location-based products. The navigation and portable devices with installed software are termed as units.In case, you face any difficulty while handling these devices, speak to our experts. At TomTom Help you will get optimum and satisfactory results. Moreover, they offer help over a phone call or through chat services. Whatever, you think good, just go for that.

* GARMIN NUVI: It is also a well-known brand for designing GPS devices. For any kind of help related to Nuvi products, experts can be called. You can easily share queries with them and one thing that you will surely get in return is best and trustworthy technical support.

* MAGELLAN: An American company, Magellan Navigation Inc. is known for making consumer and professional grade GPS receivers. Maestro, RoadMate, Triton, proprietary road maps (DirectRoute), Topographic maps (Topo) and marine charts are among its creations.It was Magellan who created the world’s first commercial handheld GPS receiver i.e Magellan NAV 1000.Don’t get upset if any error exists, just communicate with our team.They will help you in quick elimination of issues. It’s our promise that you will be surprised by our wonderful services.

At last, it is hard to describe in words the benefits that these GPS devices offer. This unbelievable device has changed the lives of people.For sure shot solution of issues (if any), our support center is offering services. Have a look at the main features:

  • Fully trained and certified group of members are available all the time for the user’s convenience.
  • Just a single call or chat message is required to share queries.
  • The effective, advanced and reliable solution within a brief time period.
  • Customer satisfaction is more important than earning revenue.
  • Refund policy is beneficial if not happy with our customer services. You can get all your money back within a week.
  • General information regarding the use and handling of the device can be obtained via Live Tutorials.
  • Other than calling and chat services, you can also mail us on our e-mail id.
  • Each and every client is special.
  • The complexity of the issue doesn’t affect the quality of service. You will always be treated well by our team even with excellent remedies.
  • The team members have the duty to keep your information confidential.
  • Good chance to avail technical support at economic rates.
  • Have free and friendly communication with our experts.
  • Getting a solution is indeed a simple task. You can have your queries resolved just by spending a few minutes consulting with our team.
  • A hotline number enables users to get connected directly to tech specialists.
  • Don’t ever think of your problem as a big one. Keep one thing in mind that we are there for you ever and forever.
  • Don’t compromise your work just because of these silly and useless errors. Continue doing your work and ask experts as and when required.
  • Please write, if you think there is a need to introduce any change in our services. We value your feedback.

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