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 Accounting software is simply a type of computer software that accounting professionals utilize to manage their accounts as well as to perform accounting operations.Here, the term ‘Accounting’ can be described as the systematic process of communicating and recording financial information of an enterprise. For a business, it serves the purposes of internal and external audits, required reports and financial analysis.Well, the software ranges from simple, single-entry programs to more advanced and double-entry system. It can help to process a/c receivable, a/c payable, payroll and inventory in addition to other functions. Thus, we can say, it is the primary tool for ascertaining the financial health of any organization.

Why use this software…????

1. This particular small finance software has simplified the job of an entrepreneur. Through this, the business owner can perform all accounting operations and comply with legal demands easily from a desktop PC or a mobile phone. Even with little or no knowledge, the user can handle and avail its benefits.

2. Another advantage that it offers is accurate forecasting. The software lets you know where to spend money and where there is a need to slow down expenses. When you have a clear picture of your existing financial status, it would be easy for you to put the resources to their best use.

3. The high-rated accounting systems are now dedicated to payroll assistance and are also obliged to tax commitments. Once you activate them, they become your number one source of tax and audit details.

4. Financial data holds an important place in any organization and nobody would like to lose this information. Here, these software plays a major role i.e they provide safety to vital business data. It allows you to keep an extra copy, in case you need to retrieve them. Also, through internal security structure, you can even decide who will gain access to sensitive information.

5. The accounting software promises its users full financial transparency by lowering costly and recurring human errors.

Common problems that these personal accounting software faces are:

! Outdated & lack of accuracy: You need to understand that when these software systems are outdated, the information tends to be inexact, the system slows down and system errors start appearing.

! Software compatibility: Sometimes, the users get annoyed because their accounting software lacks compatibility with their programs. For say, a user will not be able to import data into his program just because the software doesn’t give permission for this.

! Lack of efficiency: Every businessman wishes that his work gets completed accurately and within less time. However, some software products are not user-friendly, also they lack the essential features and capabilities. This, in turn, increases the problems of users.

! No Bank Reconciliation feature: Some software, for eg. ‘Wave Accounting’ lack bank reconciliation feature. That means it will not allow users to perform bank and credit card a/cs reconciliation. This particular feature is considered essential. As with the help of this, errors like missing transactions, duplicated transactions, wrong amounts can be identified.

Let’s now discuss the main types of Accounting Software:-

1. Database Accounting Software: Basically, multi-million dollar companies and large entities go with this software. It’s great that your information is safer as the business need to have a large database in order to get it installed. Oracle accounting software come under this category.One can enjoy this flexible and secured program to handle financial management, more complicated tasks, and a large network. But, do note that it is a little bit expensive and need high costs for maintenance.

2. Installed Accounting Software:- In the areas of low connectivity, an entrepreneur may get the benefit of using the software in the form of CDs or DVDs. This you are required to install in your PC or laptops.Mainly, Startups, Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) prefer this accounting solution as it is easy to install and use.

3. Cloud Accounting software:- Well, you can get this type of software online and data can be accessed via the Internet or Cloud. Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015 and Xero fall under this category of personal accounting software.

Talking about price, then it is not expensive, these are low-priced software. The best part is that your information is available online. So, it’s now easy to access it anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can connect it with your online bank a/c also. These accounting services at present are widely popular among small businesses.

Among these,Quicken and Quickbooks are one of the top-rated accounting solutions.

QUICKEN: Product of Quicken Inc., it is well-designed financial accounting software for Windows and mac OS devices. You can get different versions of Quicken for Windows (that includes Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Rental Property Manager, and Quicken Home & Business) as well as Quicken for Mac.This is really a fantastic and impressive product introduced by the company for meeting the accounting needs of users. With this, you can track finance, record and categorize spending, create detailed budgets for your business, and collect details regarding bank and credit card balances. Also, it reminds users about due payment of bills through SMS or e-mail. Introduction of a mobile app is also a good step in this direction.You can take advantage of a service named ‘Quicken Bill Pay’ by paying extra money. With the help of this, you can directly pay bills via Quicken.
Although the software performs well at some point in time, you may observe glitches that can hamper its functioning. These are problems while updating or installing Quicken to the current release, trouble using its online services, not able to update or download transactions from bank/credit card, the application shuts down itself, not able to add, remove or modify Quicken a/cs, etc. An error like OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225 or OL-226 are common and often disturb users.

To seek out this, there is aPhone Number (1-888-200-7580) where you can get solution for all your queries. Just dial the number and in a very short time, you will be connected to our experts. In addition to this, you can also go for Quicken Help.Hire our services whenever required, no matter how complex the situation is.

QUICKBOOK: Intuit launched ‘QuickBooks’ software keeping in view the accounting demands of enterprises. It’s product offer desktop and online accounting apps along with cloud-based ones. You can get different versions of Quickbooks (Pro,Premier, Enterprise), It thus helps in processing bills and business payments. Qb software is mainly concentrated towards medium and small businesses. All the credit goes to its easy-to-use functionality. Within a short period, it has become the top solution for accounting purposes.Its features include Electronic payment functions, Remote access capabilities, Online banking and reconciliation, Mapping features, Remote payroll help, and outsourcing. This easy-to-understand software can integrate with other apps and that is its big advantage.Moreover, the company assures its upgradation and updation on a regular basis.

Well, with the help of QB File Doctor, the users can protect data in software files from getting damaged. It has the ability to test user’s network thus helping them in recovering the concerned issues.If we talk about issues then it’s quite obvious that the software suffers from tech glib and you need to be prepared for it. Runs Slow in Multi-User Mode, Lost Administrative Password, Installation, and Updation issues Can’t Locate Data File, Lost Connection to Data File, problems while Copying or Moving Data File, Error 15215, Error H505 or H202, Error 3371 may interrupt your working.But don’t worry, every problem has its solution. And here we have brought classy services for you guys. And that you can get at our ‘QBO Support’. Here, you are free to consult team members via call or chat service. Both are equally beneficial, try the one that best suits your need.

  • Don’t get anxious about your personal information. We keep it safe and avoid any kind of misuse.
  • Enjoy reliable remedies at a fair cost.
  • Highly qualified, determined and experienced associates.
  • Different ways to seek help and these are communication via phone call, e-mail and Chat support.
  • The team does its best to provide users with the optimum and advanced solution.
  • In case of dissatisfaction, the users have the option to claim the money. It is for sure that the whole amount will be paid back within 7 days.
  • ‘Live Tutorial’ is also fruitful for those who are unfamiliar with this tech software.
  • The help can be obtained by doing minimum effort i.e sitting at home.
  • The representatives are cooperative and treat their customers well.
  • The team is very passionate and loyal to their work. They won’t mislead you, have faith. Just dial our toll-free number in the hour of need.
  • Long years have passed since the establishment of our Technical Support center and we feel proud to say that we haven’t received negative feedback from our clients.
  • Given an opportunity, we promise that we won’t hurt you. In fact, we consider it as our own personal issue and put maximum effort to provide you the supreme result.
  • Clearly ask the representatives about your software interruptions, don’t hesitate.
  • Here, each and every single client is given equal importance.
  • Getting upset and thinking about the query is all just a wastage of time. Just go and avail the benefits of our customer services.

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