How to do Magellan Gps map update for free ?

Founded in 1986, Magellan Navigation Inc. is an American producer of consumer and professional-grade GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers. The brand is known for crafting vehicle navigation, crossover GPS, and outdoor handheld navigation devices. It is the matter of fact, that business wanderer often finds themselves in unfamiliar territory, where the guidance of a GPS unit can’t be overlooked. In the present context, these devices are only as good as the data stored on them. As the streets and highways keep on changing, updated maps are thus necessary to keep your GPS device beneficial. Well, it can be updated by using a free software program that can be found on the website of Magellan. Please note that some software updates and minor map upgrades are available for free, but most of the map updates must be purchased.


Brand Magellan’s latest devices make use of Content Manager to keep both (the software and map data) up to date. You must know that this program can be downloaded and installed for free from the Magellan website. Once it is installed, it will inform you of software updates and ask that you get the newest edition. This firmware application acts like a central communication hub b/w Magellan’s servers and your device. Good thing is that apart from allowing you to download new maps and content, you can also use it to back up device data (for instance, saved addresses and routes).


Before you go for downloading new data from the Content Manager, please ensure that your GPS is fully charged. Switch it OFF and then connect to a PC running Content Manager through the USB cable. In case, it’s your first time, it (Content Manager) will ask you to sign in and register the device. After this, tap “Check for Updates” that you can see on its main screen. The content manager will then look for any available updates for your device and ask you to install them. You may also be asked to update your device software before moving for maps, which Content Manager will download from Magellan’s servers and install on your device. Along with free software updates, the Content Manager is a clearinghouse for the latest Magellan map updates. It depends on the type of information updated, whether map updates can be free or for purchase. If it is a case of paid updates, the Content Manager will lead you to Magellan’s website where you can safely make payment before downloading the data. Large updated packages, such as maps involving new areas or considerable extensions to existing streets and highways need payment.


1. First, you need to charge your GPS unit completely.
2. Next, download and install Content Manager from a website of Magellan.
3. Launch Content Manager and there sign in through your Magellan a/c details. If not having Magellan a/c, move to the main page of the Magellan website. There, tap the “Create Account” option and follow the on-screen guidelines.
4. After this, using USB cable connect GPS device to PC. The device must turn ON automatically. If not, you can do it manually.
5. Now, make right-click on the Content Manager icon in the system tray in Windows and Dock in OS X. Tap “Check for Updates Now” option. The notice will appear on the screen, in case any map or software updates are available.
6. You have to click on “Get Now” to download and install available updates onto your device. As the installation completes, you will be asked to disconnect the device.
7. Next, wait for a while for the GPS device to restart automatically.


1. First of all, on the main page of the Magellan website select the “Maps” tab.
2. Next, from a drop-down menu, pick the model of GPS device.
3. Choose Map Upgrade and to complete the purchase, perform as per instructions provided.
4. Launch Content Manager and then connect the GPS unit to the PC.
5. Next, right-click Content Manager icon and snap “Sync Purchase Features / Content.” Just wait for a couple of minutes for the update to download and install, before you go for disconnecting GPS. Although it’s not at all difficult task to update Magellan GPS, common mistakes committed by users sometimes create data errors. Points to consider are:

  • Always remember that don’t shut down your pc or disconnect your GPS device while Content Manager is running.
  • After updates are fully downloaded and installed, please wait for the Content Manager to eject the device and ask you to unplug the device. After getting data, your device will turn off. Don’t turn it on. The device will restart automatically to complete the installation of updated data.

So that’s all for updating Magellan GPS, hope you like the information provided. Please visit “Techsquadline” and get proper guidance from our brilliant technicians. Just contact us and have direct communication with the industry’s leading experts. Be in touch with us, we will keep on updating more useful and knowledgeable blogs for you guys!


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