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First of all, if we talk about the meaning of email then it can simply be described as sending or receiving messages with the help of electronic devices. Well, these e-mail messages may consist of text, files, images, or other attachments.Electronic mail or E-mail, we can say was one of the first uses of the Internet and till today it is a prominent one. It’s true that Email holds a large percentage of total traffic over the Internet. Ray Tomlinson was the first to send e-mail in the year 1971.In the present world, where everyone is busy in his life, E-mails are the quickest mode of communication. Nothing is better than this when we wish to reach customers and potential leads. Some of the email service providers charge fees for these facilities from customers while others charge no cost.

MailGet Bolt, MooSend, SendinBlue, Sendloop, AWeber, Bronto, GetResponse are top-paid service providers for email. Gmail, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, AOL Mail, Outlook.Com, Tutanota provides these services without charging any cost.

Brands involved in offering these services are:

1. AOL: AOL Mail is none other than a free web-based email service that AOL provides to its users. Being a division of Verizon Communications, it has underneath features:

  • Email attachment limit-25 MB
  • Supported protocols- POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • It can be linked to another email a/cs from other service providers like Gmail and Hotmail.
  • Provides safety from virus and spam.
  • Offers feature of Spell-checking.

AOL desktop mail missing error, AOL downloading error, AOL desktop gold stopped working error, Slow speed of AOL, AOL not responding are few issues you may suffer from. But not to worry, just relax and hire our AOL Chat Support. It’s a fantastic way to get rid of all your nuisances. Why look for any other method, when we have such an amazing facility to lessen our problems.

2. COMCAST: Comcast Corporation is a US-based second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world. Being equipped with advance and latest qualities, it sometimes creates issues for the users. If you are among those and need any kind of help, please make a call at the toll-free number. Doing so, you will be directly connected to our team. And within a few minutes, they will provide you solutions.

3. ROADRUNNER: With this, the users are allowed to access their email a/cs from any devices like operating system, tablets, mobile etc. It wouldn’t be wrong, if we call it as a platform to communicate on a wider range. But it doesn’t mean that web mail service is free from any tech glib.Error while loading your emails, not able to send emails, issues related to email account settings, Missing emails, Configuration issues, etc. can be seen. In such a situation, place a call to our capable and efficient team. They work for you all the time. I promise you will be amazed by our customer services.

4. VERIZON: You can go to ‘Verizon’ to enjoy e-mail services. Although it’s a good platform, at the same time, issues are bound to take place. It may occur while sending/receiving emails, signing into Yahoo with email address, Verizon emails not working, etc. If you see the same problem, please speak to our technicians via toll-number. If getting a busy tone or it’s a case of call failure, go for our Chat services. It will give you an equal benefit.

5. AT&T: An American world’s largest telecommunications company, AT&T has also a good reputation in the market. If disturbed by any error, move to our support center. We will provide the best remedies in a short period.


1. Incorrect e-mail password: This, we can say is one of the commonly seen issues in emails. Here, you must check that the mail password that you have provided is accurate.

2. The too large size of files: Sometimes, the error occurs when we try to share files that are big in size. Although the service provider had managed to move with this and allow transferring large files we need to understand that it’s not a platform only to send files. In fact, it’s a messaging platform.

3. 550 sorry… No mailbox here by that name/recipient is invalid: The above error may also hinder your work progress. This simply means that the email address to which you’re trying to send mail is not present on the mail server. This may probably occur when the mailbox is deleted by the user or the sender has entered an incorrect email address.

On the other side, if someone else is having the same issue while sending you an email, be sure that you have provided them with the right email address.

4. Mails aren’t coming through: If you are in a dilemma where the emails sent by you never reach your email client but they just disappear. Here, it may possible that the mailbox has been blocked in regards to a breach of Pipe Ten mail policy.

Let’s have a brief discussion on how our services differentiate from others:

  • Known for providing best and handy solutions.
  • It doesn’t much affect your pocket i.e services are rendered at nominal rates.
  • Reputed, trusty and leading platform in terms of technical support.
  • Highly qualified and dedicated personnel having years of experience.
  • ‘Live Tutorials’ proved beneficial in case the user is not well aware of the technology.
  • Help is offered via convenient channels: a) Phone call service @ (1-888-200-7580), b) Chat Support.
  • Queries can be shared easily with the team members as they are very friendly and cooperative in nature.
  • Call can be made a number of times, we don’t mind. We just want our client completely understands our solution and fix their issue.
  • Collecting money is not our sole aim. In fact, we make efforts to improve the quality of service and to give fine results.
  • It’s easy to avail services as you need not go outside.
  • Stop worrying, just visit our help center. The issue might be big for you guys but it’s just a matter of a few minutes for our technical team.

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