Pogo Games Not Loading ?

To avoid that boredom and stress of life, playing games would be the most appropriate option in my view. In spite of indulging in any physical activity, you can now better enjoy the free time within the comfort of your house.

Pogo, in this context, is a perfect dais where one can find a number of paid or free games. It can also be called as one of the oldest gaming sites. Pogo sudoku, crossword cove pogo, Pogo dominoes, Pogo monopoly, Pogo scrabble and Pogo risk are some of the famous games offered by the site.

Although, it’s all good to spend time on the pogo website enjoying one to one best games. Sometimes, the situations are not in your favor. Suppose, you are in full mood to play your favorite game, what you see the errors start appearing on the screen like pogo game won’t load on chrome, Won’t load after java update, Pogo games won’t load after a windows update, etc. It may turn all your joy into disappointment and frustration. As no gamer wants any kind of interruption or nuisance when he/she is sitting in front of pc to play games.

So, Just relax!! facing issues in the online media is quite normal, it should not be the cause of your worry. Here, we have described probable causes responsible for the failure of the loading of pogo games along with their remedies. Check out them carefully and see where your system lacks behind:

* Outdated Browser:- High chances are there that the outdated or old version of the browser creates inconvenience while loading the game. The reason being such browsers don’t support some of the game’s features, thus fail to load the games. to get rid of it, you need to go to browser settings and update the browser with the latest and updated one.

Source: Google

* Presence of Virus: The site delivering lots of exciting games sometimes may fail to amuse users. The screen freezes as you try to open the game. In that particular situation, you are left with nothing watching that frozen screen only. So, if your question is “why does my pogo game screen keep freezing”? The only answer is there might exist a malicious program in your pc. You are required to run an antivirus scan to check if it is so. Also, check the browser for any new extensions and disable all those so as to reduce the chances of future issues.

* Flash Player: For the hassle-free loading of pogo games, make sure that your device is installed with the current flash player. If not, make efforts to download its version. It’s so because the number of games having flash content needs a flash player for their smooth running.

Source: Google


* Java Issue: If we talk about Java, then this application plays a key role and helps games to run properly. Its absence may leave you in a chaotic situation where you would mess uploading the pogo games. So, please make sure that you have it’s the latest and updated version. The series of steps to be followed in this case is mentioned underneath.

Source: Google

1. First of all, press Windows key+r. A dialogue box will appear and you need to write appwiz.cpl.

2. Uninstall JAVA application from there.

Source: Google

3. Now, it’s time to download the current version of Java from  https://www.java.com/en/

              Source: Google

4. Install the software and proceed by restarting the browser to enable new JAVA.


* Browser Caches And Cookies- If you pay little attention to browser’s cache, chances are there that you face game loading problems. We are in the habit of web surfing. The action thus causes our browsers to be full of cookies, caches, and junk which in turn leads to loading errors. It can simply be avoided by following the given directions in exactly the same way as told:

  • First, Open the settings of the browser.
  • Tap on the history of the browser.
  • After this, you are required to click on the ‘clear history’ option.
  • Doing so, you will see a list showing checkboxes along with the history of the browser. Cache box is one of them and you have to click on it.
  • Finally, choose the ‘Delete’ option and it’s all over.

The above steps will surely help you come out of the problem and clean the cache present in the browser. A restart of the browser is suggested after you have done it.

* Adware- Before moving further, you should know little about adware. In simple terms, these are malicious programs that infect your device and directs you to undesirable websites and also display unwanted ads. By hijacking the browser, it creates trouble for your system which later on gives birth to several issues including the loading one. One thing you can do is install an adware removal tool that will help you detect adware present somewhere in your pc and clean it.

* Refresh Or Restart the system – If you continue to see pogo game loading errors, adopt this remedy to fix the problem. Just press the F5 key to refresh the page or try reloading the page by clicking the ‘Reload’ icon appearing at the top of the browser.

* Check Internet Speed: A slow internet connection could also be the reason for your discomfort. Here, what you need to do is figure out the Login Ip of your Router to access Login Router Settings and ensure that the internet is running at a fine speed. Once it is done, the games would not be stuck at all.

* Adjust screen resolution: Resolution is of the utmost importance when it comes to online games. It has the power to interrupt the game loading process. You must be aware of the perfect screen resolution to enjoy pogo games. Being a club member, it must be kept at 1024×768 and it should not go below 1152×862 in case of a free member on the pogo platform.

* Pogo games not working on Windows: You should meet the basic requirements to enjoy online games at its best on Windows:

Windows Vista and Windows 7:
Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11)
Mozilla Firefox (new version)
Chrome (new version) – It doesn’t support Java games

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10:
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)- It supports Java Games
Edge – It doesn’t support Java games but works properly for all other Games
Chrome – Does not support Java games but work properly for all other Games

Likewise, Safari is best recommended to have the joyful experience of online gaming on Mac.

* Switch to Another Browser: Last but not least, switching to a new browser can bring fruitful results. The majority of internet users go with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer but you should try a different one as there exist a number of browsers on the web. Check it and move with the one that best substitutes your existing browser.

Conclusion: All the remedies discussed above are easy to perform for a system-friendly user. In case, you are ignorant of tech knowledge but wish to spend some hours of the day enjoying games on pogo, we are always there for you. You may seek assistance by using Pogo Chat Support and can have a talk with our experts. Ask our tech buddies for instant help for all games like Pogo bingo luau, Pogo Yahtzee party, Pogo texas Holdem, Poppit bingo, hidden objects, Pogo jungle gin, pogo monopoly and, etc.

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