A big thanks to technology and creative innovations, that has brought so much exciting and exceptional features for software, PCs, cell phones etc.Same is the case with AOL Desktop Gold. But at times, some issues/errors are bound to occur. However, users find it easy to work with its advanced features but on the other side there is also a possibility of its non-working.It has been reported by many of our clients over the past years. If you too are facing response problem of software then you are suggested to download it (AOL Desktop Gold) once again.The problem takes place so often and is common among users. But with appropriate steps and instructions, it’s easy to overcome it. The simple way to get rid of the problem is to check your network connection and troubleshoot it manually. Read the content to have complete information about the steps you need to perform.

Step 1: First, move to Control Panel and pick ‘network and sharing center’ there.

Step 2: Next, under ‘change your network setting’, click on the option named ‘troubleshoot problem’.

Step 3: After then, tap on Internet connections and troubleshoot the connection.

Step 4: Again select ‘network adapter’ to troubleshoot.

Note:If Internet issues were there, it would appear after the completion of the troubleshooting process.

Step 5: Try to remove the bug and restart your PC and desktop gold.

So, these were some steps you may follow whenever you come across the issue like AOL Desktop Gold not responding. Be sure to perform it in the same manner as prescribed for quick recovery of an issue.If this method fails to solve your problem and still your desktop gold is not responding then installing it once again on your respective device would be the best option. By doing so you will be able to beat your
technical complication.

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