Simple Steps To Fix Kodak Printer Is Not Printing Colors

The users of Kodak printer sometimes feel disappointed when they face issue with their device.But don’t worry,every problem has a solution.The issue which will discuss today in this blog is ‘When Kodak printer is not able to print colors’.Eastman Kodak Company (simply knows as Kodak) has specialization in providing fast-speed, high-volume commercial inkjet, and colour and black-and-white printing devices.Kodak printer is also one of the finest printing equipment.At the odd occasion,chances are there that tech faults may occur with it.The complication may arise due to cartridge misplacement or it could be due to the wrong setting.Before we proceed let’s have a look at the major factors responsible for dys-functioning of your Kodak printer:

  • Ink cartridge misplacement
  • Low ink levels
  • Printhead blockage

Below suggested are few troubleshooting techniques you may follow to get rid of this

1. Ink Cartridge misplacement:

One possible reason for your printer not able to print colour can be attributed to ink
cartridges, that are not inserted in a proper way. Chances are high for committing this mistake (incorrect position of ink cartridge).As it has often seen that users ignore these basic and simple steps.

Try this: First, open the top of your printer. After then,carefully take out the ink cartridges and place them back at their place.While doing so, make sure that they are properly placed in their respective position. Print a test page to check whether the issue has disappeared or not.

2. Low Ink Levels:

Well, this ink level can be called the major problem with printing equipment. Some printer stop working well in advance even when enough ink is there (that you can carry on for a week or more). On the other side, some other printers inform users only when the ink is at its last level (i.e when it ends).

Try this: To check the presence of ink, open your printer’s top part and take out the colour ink cartridges from there. One by one check each of them that what’s the position of ink level. If you found it abundant then it’s OK, otherwise, refill it. One more thing is that use only the brand suggested or the original ink (as duplicate or other quality may cause harm to your printer).

3. Print head Blockage:

Friends, it is print heads that transfers the ink from the cartridges to paper. At some point in time, these printheads get blocked. It happens because of its excessive use. Ensure that you clean it at a proper interval of time.

Try this: To remove the blockage what you need to do is open the top shelf. After this, separate the printhead from the machine carefully. Now clean it (printhead) with the help of clean cloth soaked in warm water. Once you clean it, place it back to its actual position. Also, see that it has been installed correctly.

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