Easy Steps To Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Issue On Windows 10

Friends, if Lexmark printer status offline on windows 10 then, first of all, see all the physical connections and make sure that all are working. In case, after checking all the connection you found no issue then perform these troubleshooting steps:

! Check your Lexmark Printer‘s power- Make sure that your printing device is powered ON and is connected to a source supplying constant power. Also, check that no warning light is illuminating.

! Have a look at connectivity- It may be a case of hardware issues if you see that your printer’s amber light is blinking. The issues could be the paper jam, cartridge jam, cartridges dried out, improper fix of cartridges, etc. So removing physical error must be done first and then move towards printings.

! Check the printer driver- Before you go for downloading the printer driver, be sure that you are downloading the correct driver from a reliable source. Many of the times, a printer driver gets corrupted because of system errors like file modification, system restore. If you are in the same dilemma then completely uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.

! Make your printing device online- Guys, if connectivity is all right then see your Lexmark printer’s status because your device can be in offline mode. The printer will resume printing when it is brought to an online state.

! Delete old pending jobs- At some point in time, due to old pending jobs, the printing device becomes offline. For this, you need to clear them manually before going to print any new documents. Do this by moving to “Devices & Printers” in Control Panel and then make double click on the printer where old print jobs need to be removed. Hit right click and erase/ remove all of them.

! Restart Print Spooler Service- Sometimes, print spooler service automatically gets stopped so there is a need to restart it manually. It will enable the system to manage your printer as well as the printer driver.


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