With the tremendous increase in a number of cyber attacks,one needs to be very attentive.Below provided are some tips and safety measures, you may adapt to keep yourself and your device protected in the event of any miss-happening.Maybe you have heard on news or get warnings that some countries trying to mess with another countries’ cyber networks and infrastructure. And the news has disturbed you.And you start thinking about what will happen,will your device stop functioning, is your internet safe? Another question that comes to your mind is what you need to do in this situation?In this write-up, you will find everything you are worried about?

Step 1. Stay Calm — surely you’re not powerless

You may think it’s hard-hit task to fend from such an enormous cyber threat. But it’s not like that, a little thing can make big differences.However, no app or feature is available promising that you won’t be affected by such muddle.What makes these attacks so horrible is that no one understands how would they actually affect them?Only a little precaution is required on the user’s part.

A: Begin by updating your OS (operating system)

B: Get or update your Antivirus — first tool of protection

A good antivirus doesn’t mean just escaping malware from getting into your pc. It can do more than this.If you want your antivirus to give you protection against a big attack, there must be the availability of some necessary features.

Router security: Hacking into routers includes the one you use at your home. Through this, the trickster gets access to devices connected to it as well as the data that passes through it and have the capability to direct traffic to the malicious location.The feature named as ‘Wi-Fi Inspector’ included in our free antivirus properly scans your home network and router.Suppose,you are using any other antivirus, don’t think of less cost or anything else.If it doesn’t cover your router and home network, it means the time to come to switch to another.

Behaviour analysis: It has been seen that advanced malware is used by State-sponsored cyber attacks and they remain hidden in the user’s pc for a very long time until they suddenly activate and cause chaos and disorder.Be sure that your antivirus has penny watch if anything happens to your device that looks so weird. Our range of antivirus products (including the free antivirus)  come up with a ‘Behavior Shield’ feature, that automatically does it for users.

Step 3: Enhance your router and network security with a quick checklist While we are talking about the security of routers, these precautions can definitely help you.It stops attackers from putting you into taking part in involuntary DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack. That means when attackers use your pc (along with thousands of others) with an aim to launch concurrent attacks on their intended target. Be it a company, agency, power grid, etc. by assailing it with traffic more than its ability to handle, and therefore shutting it down.Open your router settings page and perform these steps:

a) Make sure that SSID (or Wireless Network Name) has a different and unique name (it should not be the default one that comes with it!).
b) Please modify both default admin username and password for your router.
c) Turn ON WPA2 encryption.
d) Now, upgrade your router firmware.
e) Next, disable any remote access services.
f) Be confident that you rely upon all the devices that are connected to your network.
g) In case, you have failed to install Avast Antivirus, run Wi-Fi Inspector regularly.

Step 4. Make sure that your friends, nears and dears are safe —

it’s for free Believe us, it really costs nothing, you must care for those you love,in the event of a massive cyber attack.Now, it has been made simpler than before. You can share Avast Free Antivirus with any person you like.Send them our recommendation page or, if you are already using Avast, open it and click there on Star icon — you’ll then see a recommendation link. Whenever friends or known will install Avast using this link, you’ll get reward points.This is absolutely free — so there is no question of thinking.

Step 5: Go for VPN to avoid ‘man in the middle’ attacks

‘Man in the middle’ is favourite tactic of present cyber combat — an attacker thrusts in between you and your online activity (either it is browsing, chatting, emailing or banking…), keep a watch on everything you type, send/receive, and catches all your traffic. No doubt, it’s an amazing and simple way for attackers to get information about your login details,passwords, credit card numbers and lot more.

Virtual Private Network or VPN can surely help you in facing ‘man in the middle’ attacks.Basically, VPN is an app that can be installed on your laptop or smartphone. After turning it ON, it covers all you perform online under a thick spread of encryption so that nobody can read it (even if they’re investigating). A lot of other useful things are also performed by it.Suppose, you are making use of public Wi-Fi, or by mistake, you are connected to a router that’s been hacked, and you want to save yourself from the disturbance it may cause into your life, then you need to browse with a VPN on.

Step 6. Protect your tablet as well as your mobile phone :Your mobile device is also not safe from wide cyber attack. Safe your Android, iPhone, and tablets with anti-malware protection to mobile VPN and use password manager for all your accounts.


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