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Let’s start by understanding the meaning of Printer. We all have heard this word, it’s not a new one. In fact, we all use this device in our day to day life. We are blessed to have such an amazing peripheral that caters the printing needs of users.This external device communicates with another digital device and print exactly the same what the user sees on his screen. Or we can say, it provides us information in permanent readable form. It makes use of small pixels in order to transfer an image from system to another surface. Well, the speed, size, sophistication, and cost of the printing device may differ. Generally, high-priced printers are considered better for higher-resolution color printing.

Here come the types of Printer:

  • 3D Printer
  • AIO (all-in-one) printer
  • LED printer
  • MFP (multifunction printer)
  • Plotter
  • Thermal printer
  • Dot matrix printer
  • Inkjet printer
  • Laser printer
  • LED printer

However, Thermal, Inkjet and Laser printers are commonly preferred.Some printing devices provide an output only in black and white form. But, most other devices contain colored printing option too.

Likewise, ‘Scanner’ can be defined as an electronic device that is able to capture images from physical items. It, later on, convert them into digital formats that we can store in our PC.Today, we can find various types of scanners having different resolutions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that scanning is the most economical and reliable way of transmitting images.

Types of Scanner:

  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Production Scanner
  • Hand Scanner
  • Sheetfed Scanner
  • Photo Scanner
  • Portable Scanner
  • Drum Scanner

Below described are common issues attached to these printing devices:

1. PAPER JAMMING: If we talk about Paper Jamming then user often comes across this problem. This we can say, is a two-headed problem. First one is that paper gets stacked in the roller of the device. And the second one is that printer’s roller draws 2 or more than 2 sheets at the same time.

2. SLOW WORKING OF PRINTER: This is again one of the common issues that you might face working with device. But guys, the problem has its solution too. Try to switch from high-quality print settings to lower quality print settings. Next, the issue can also be fixed by un checking the automatic duplex setting.

3: LOW INK WARNINGS: All the latest devices come up with this warning system so as to inform users regarding low ink levels. They do this to give you enough time for the replacement of the cartridge. Because if ink runs out completely, it may harm your printer.

In such a case, if there is no error message referring you to the issue, make sure that your device is still connected via USB or Ethernet cable. And if it is wireless, do check that Wi-Fi is enabled and is connected to the right network. You may also need to check the printer driver in such a situation.

5. HIGH COST OF PRINTING: Mainly, ink and paper are two reasons for the high cost of printing. You must pay heed to the printer’s running costs before purchasing it. Also, check cost per page information.

6. LOW QUALITY OF PRINTED TEXT: Sometimes, you may see this problem and for this, check your print settings (applicable both to Inkjet and Laser). Switch off draft mode and ensure that the paper type on screen is similar to the type you are using. Also, cleaning the nozzle can help you with improving print quality.

7. PRINTER SHOWING OFFLINE STATUS: It a regular and common mostly seen in Brother and Lexmark printers. A “printer offline” status appearing on the screen tell users that the system has failed to communicate with the connected printer. Poor configurations, connectivity problems, faulty drivers are responsible for this. Consequently, you won’t be able to take printout unless the printer is turned online.

8. ISSUES OF PRINTER DRIVER: The printer driver is basically a program permitting PC to communicate with the printer. Also, it helps in sending print requests.So many reasons could be there behind the non-working of the printer driver. For say, it could be corrupted or incompatible, the settings might be correct or it might be lacking updates.Updating, installing or reinstalling the driver may help you lot coming out of this situation.

Following are the reputed and prestigious brands of Printer:

! Hp Printer: Hewlett-Packard printers are dominating the market because of their reliability. In fact, it is considered as most helpful device for home and office.However, it sometimes needs assistance to correct errors. For the support of your HP Printer, visit our help-desk. Choose the one that you find more convenient, either our toll-number or our chat services.Error Code:02 – Warming Up, Error Code:12 – Open or No EP, Error Code:14 – No EP Cartridge, Error Code:16 – Toner Low, Error Code:41 – Temporary Print Engine Error, Error Code:13 – Paper Jam, Error Code:22 – I/O Configuration are frequently seen.

! Epson Printer:  Introduced by Epson company, the devices are nicely designed and offer supreme quality of printing. Loaded with remarkable features, you will also find it easy-to-use. In case of query, Epson Technical Support can be hired.
I-01, W-10, I-52/51, E-01, W-31 are some error codes you can see with Epson printer.

! Canon Printer: These printers provide fine quality of print to users. However, Error 13, Error 16, Error 1487, Error 14, Error B200, Error 5011, etc. sometimes occur to these devices. But no need to worry guys, you can get help for your Canon device from our leading and competent team. It’s up to you either you go with our Chat Support or Phone Support. But I promise that both are effective ways.

! Brother Printer: It also gives tough competition to existing brands in the market. In case, you see error working with it, simply avail our services. Ping us at our hotline number, at the same moment you will connect to our team. Just ask them for all your queries. Within no time, our Brother Printer Support will provide you relaxation.

! Lexmark Printer: These printers, we can say, are appropriate for home users and professionals. Error Code 200 & 201, Error Code 900, Error Code 80, Error Code 902, Error Code 905 are quite common.To eliminate the issues concerned, no other option would be better than contacting our tech team. Here, both Chat as well as Phone Support are provided.

! Kodak Printer: The users prefer this device to fulfill their printing needs. With this, you can print several copies of the paper at a time. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s ideal for the multi-printing task.In case of error like 3806, 3807, 3808, 3809, 3810, or 3811, let them solved through suggestions told by members of our help-desk.

! Samsung Printer: Printers of Samsung company also held a good position in the market. They are reliable and perfectly satisfy user’s demands. Scanning Error, Square Prints Issue, Toner Light Still On, Error Code H2, Error Code 50, Error Code 24 are attached to this device.For the correct and effective measures, join our live help desk. It is best known for promising and qualitative customer services.

! Dell Printer: Like others, you can also use this for accomplishing your printing needs.Common problems attached are Error code 016-370, Error code 004-332, Error code: 009-360,Paper Jam Tray 1 and Tray 2 error codes, Print Head Error etc.For its correction, our services are always open. We have made available our helpline number through which you can have direct communication with tech buddies.

So, if you are among those who are frustrated with the continuous nuisance of these devices, using our hotline number (1-888-200-7580) is the best way to overcome this. Here, at our ‘PRINTER SUPPORT’ remedies are offered for any query ranging from simple to complicated one.

  • The technically trained and professional staff works with full dedication.
  • Endless services at pocket-friendly charges.
  • A quick and effective way to mitigate tech glitches.
  • Minting money is not our motto. To ensure 100 % satisfaction to clients is what we actually want to achieve.
  • If any of you don’t find our services to be up to the mark, let the team know about this. We will surely work on this. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed with an open heart.
  • Still, not satisfied, we promise you to return your money back. Yes, you can get a refund within 7 days.
  • One more thing, through our ‘Live Tutorials’, you can now learn how to use such devices. If you are a novice or not much tech-familiar, you must go through it once.
  • Best thing is at you need not go anywhere outside. Just by simply sitting at home, you can enjoy our flawless services.
  • All you need is proper Internet connectivity, your device, and an expert to remove the bug.
  • Equal attention is paid to every single customer.
  • Don’t feel shy while communicating with our team. Just ask them all those things that disturb you.
  • Always keep our phone-number with yourself and place a call whenever needed.
  • You can also drop us an e-mail.
  • No matter, in which corner of the world you are, the services are easy to avail via a single phone call or chat facility.
  • We don’t mind picking your calls more than one time. We only want you to handle your issues. You can ask again, in case of any doubt.
  • Instead of focusing on a particular brand, we offer help for all the types as well as brands of printers.
  • Whatever way you choose to get our services, it is for sure that you will get a proper response.
  • We feel pleasure for helping you. Always keep one thing in mind, avoid applying your own techniques, it may worsen the situation. As quick as possible, approach our team for reliable services for your precious device.

The valuable and result-oriented solutions are now just a call away. So, what are you waiting for.??

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