In this blog post, we have detailed information regarding the disabling of Avast pop-up notification. Read it carefully and perform the remedies in a proper way. Avoid taking stress just ask our experts, if any query is disturbing you. Before we move, you should know that Avast Antivirus is a family of internet security apps designed by Avast for MS Windows, Mac Operating System, Android, and iOS. The program is only available to internet-connected devices. Let’s us now discuss features of Avast:

1. Smart Scan: This top-rated product offers users the best scan to detect and remove malware from their system.

2. Sandbox: Another great feature of Avast is Sandbox. Suppose, you want to download a file, but it appears to be suspicious. Then you are allowed to download it in a sealed space to check it out. Friends, Avast Pro partitions a space in your device, where your downloads can be checked without affecting the rest of the device. However, this feature proves to be very helpful in businesses for file sharing.

3. Webcam Shield: You can see this feature in the latest version of Avast Premier suite. It prevents apps and malware from accessing your pics webcam without your knowledge. The feature is liked by the user. As any untrusted application is no longer able to capture images and videos and send it to others from your device. In this way, your privacy is not compromised.

4. Sensitive Data Shield: With this feature of Avast, your sensitive documents, files are scanned and protected against unauthorized access and malware. By the term ‘Sensitive files’ we can understand that these files contain your personal information. If disclosed, it can damage your privacy and identity too.

5. Ransomware Shield: With the help of this, you can safeguard your personal documents, images, and other files from being deleted, modified, or encrypted by ransomware attacks. Folders containing personal details are guarded through this feature of Avast. Also, you are allowed to mention which folders you want to save from untrusted applications.

At the time of using Avast, you have often seen that it keeps popping up “a threat has been detected”.The pop-up may perturb you while playing a game or watching movies.

How can you disable Avast Pop-ups?

A. Virus Definitions Update Pop-up Notification: It can be called as the most common update in which you are informed that “Avast Virus database has been updated”. Sometimes continuous popping up of these messages may irritate the user. The notification is shown to users each time their program gets automatically updated with the latest database of virus definitions. Two methods are there to fix this problem. Let’s have a look:

1. First, open Program. Navigate to ‘Settings’. Look for menu item ‘Update’ and go to  ‘Details’. Now, uncheck the ‘Show notification box after any automatic update’ box.

2. The second one is using the newest version of Avast antivirus.

B. Disabling Software Updater Pop-up Notification: Generally, a user sees this pop-up up when they are having some outdated software on their PC. And it will keep popping up until they go for any Avast pop up blocker technique. But it could be more annoying because some programs have new versions on a regular basis. Thus, you are suggested to ignore those programs and keeps track of others. The notification contains message ‘Important updates for some programs are ready for installation. Show updates’

Try out given remedy for this issue:

1. In case, you are having Avast version 2014,2015,2016,2017 or 2018, then it’s easy to turn off these pop-ups. For this, move to Settings >> Tools >> Software Updater >> Customize. After then, uncheck the “Notifications enabled” option.

2. Open Software Updater tool. Next, look for program updates you wish to ignore and tap “Ignore Updates”.

C. Disabling Avast SecureLine VPN pop-up Notifications: Guys, these pop-ups can be found both in freeware and paid one. The pop-ups are for sales or upgrade one. Go with the below steps to block them: In case, you are having a proprietary version then you can just opt-out for all offers.

• Move to Settings >> General >> Popups >> Uncheck “Show popup offers for other Avast products.
• To turn off the SecureLine VPN component completely then, you have to open Avast interface >> Settings >> Tools >>Switch it to OFF.

D. Disabling Avast Update Pop-up Notification: You can see this pop-up as and when the latest version of Avast is available. The message will keep on appearing until you update your software. It doesn’t matter whether you are making use of freeware or paid version. The message will say “Your Avast is outdated. Update your antivirus to ensure the best protection. Update now”.

To beat this trouble, go through given solutions:

1. The best method is to update your Antivirus software. To update it snap “Update now” option, or open Avast user interface. Next, go to Settings >> Update >> Program >> Update.

2. If you don’t want to update the current version of Avast, then you can disable pop-ups by opening the Avast user interface. Move to Settings >> Update >> Program >> open Settings>> select >> Manual update.

Conclusion: We can understand that pop-up notification can disturb you while performing important tasks. But it’s good that you can turn them off. Adopt the above measures to achieve the desired outcome. If it fails, you can reach us at our chat support line. Our team will help you to disable these pop-ups.

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