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In simple terms, we can define Antivirus as a software utility helping users to detect and remove viruses, worms from their PC. We can call it by another name as an antivirus program or a vaccine. It also provides security against malicious software like keyloggers, browser hijackers, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, adware, botnets, and ransomware.

Most of these programs contain an auto-update feature. With this, the program is able to download profiles of new viruses, encouraging the device to check for new threats. These AV programs, we can say, are of vital importance for any PC or phone. However, it depends upon users that which one they choose. As some programs might discover certain virus while another can’t.

This program runs as a background process, executing the job of scanning PC, servers or mobile devices to detect and regulate the damage they might cause to your device.

Basic functions:

  • It scans directories or specific files specifying the presence of malicious software
  • It permits users to schedule scans so that they can run automatically
  • It allows users to begin new scans at any time
  • When detected, it removes the malicious software. Some AS programs do this automatically in the background whereas some others inform users of infections and ask them for cleaning the files.


Windows Antivirus Software: Most antivirus software provider offers its users various Windows products at different prices. If we talk about free versions, then it gives only basic protection. Users must start scans and updates manually. Do remember, typically free versions won’t save your device against links to malicious sites or malicious attachments in emails. On the other hand, antivirus’s premium versions often include suites of endpoint security tools that are helpful in providing secure online storage, file encryption, and ad blockers.

MAC OS Antivirus Software: Note that these are less common than Windows viruses. Hence the products (for mac OS) are less standardized as compared to those for Windows. Well, you can find a number of free and paid products providing on-demand tools to guard against potential malware threats.

Android Antivirus SoftwareUndoubtedly, these are the world’s most popular mobile OS. It is installed on more mobile phones than any other OS. Because Android is first targeted by most mobile malware, it is always suggested by experts that all Android users must install antivirus on their devices.Here, also you can see a number of basic free and paid premium versions including anti-theft and remote-locating qualities.

Some of the popular brands that design antivirus for user’s safety is:

1. AVG Antivirus: It is one of the noted companies for anti-virus. Friends, you can get this software without incurring any cost. It’s absolutely free and can be easily downloaded directly from the Internet. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space on the hard drive and is compatible to work with Windows, Android, and MAC OS. Advanced and leading security features help safeguarding against virus, trojans, and spyware.Important features include:

  • Social Networking Protection
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Protective Cloud Technology
  • Anti Spam PRO
  • Email Scanner

If you see any problem while dealing with it, get AVG Antivirus Support from our certified technicians. We assure you that all your problems will go away.

2. Norton Antivirus: Developed by Symantec, you can see a variety of Norton antivirus programs. When it comes to offering security to computer devices, it rules the market. A large number of users prefer this as the services are offered at nominal rates. However, they are required to pay an annual fee for subscription service.Though on a regular basis, these Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security programs search the PC and eliminate the virus, if any found. Equipped with high-level security features, it protects your personal as well as financial data.Important features include:

  • Start-Up Manager
  • Threat Protection
  • Safe Web
  • Disk Doctor

Installation and Setup related problems, Update issues, Norton anti-virus program is crashing or not opening on your device are likely to occur with this program.If disturbed by these errors, don’t forget to reach our customer service center. It’s very simple to get connected to the team via a Norton Phone Support or Chat Support.

3. McAfee Antivirus: McAfee Virus Scan is also another most happening antivirus program. For the last many years, the company has performed well and is beating its rivals like Symantec. Instead of offering separately, it provides spyware and virus protection within a single program.You need to take a subscription to use McAfee. As a result, you will be provided access to continuously updating virus protection.It would be right to say that it’s a complete security package in itself. Moreover, the user can manually schedule scan as per their requirement.Important features include:

  • WiFi Protection
  • Network Manager
  • Performance and PC optimization
  • Efficient Web Protection

Registry-related problems, errors popping up during update, Manual update not responding, PC freezes after Mcafee installation may perturb you.To help you beat all this, we are always there for you. Come and join us and see the difference. Moreover, we have given you a choice for channels of communication. You may ping us at our hotline number or we have also enabled the ‘McAfee Live Support Chat’ portal. It’s a great way to reach to the technical team.If, both the option fails, you can even mail us at our email id.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus: People trust this antivirus security to detect and resolve the new and unknown virus. Important features include:

  • Auto Pilot
  • Personal Data Filter
  • Rescue Mode
  • Virtual Browser

Error code 0x80004004, error code 1002, error code 1004, error code 1020, PC won’t boot after installing BitDefender, BitDefender won’t scan your device, BitDefender blocks file creation is bound to occur with this program. So, guys please come, investigate and enjoy our trusted and efficient services. You can now get Bitdefender Technical Support within a brief time. As the highly distinguished representatives are filled with knowledge to handle such a mess.

5. Avast Antivirus: Designed by Avast, many people pick this to detect virus from their device. It is suitable for users of MS Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You must know that these AV programs are only available to Internet-connected devices.
You might see problems like Avast installation error, PC crashes after installing the software, Antivirus update issue, security software freezing issue, Subscription, and renewal issue, etc. For this, we will suggest you consult with our team. Here, top-notch customer service for avast is rendered at a minimum cost.

6. Malwarebytes: Product of US Internet security company ‘Malwarebytes Inc.’, it is best known for providing safety to home devices, smartphones, and companies.
Introduced in Jan 2008, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is available in 2 different versions. First one is free for home computer downloads, and another one is the professional version. Here, it gives a 14-day free trial in advance.For any issue/ problem, kindly reach our Malwarebytes Customer Support Center. You will get remedies for all your queries. You are free to choose either the toll-free number or live chat services with our team.


1. An error related to Scanning / Detection: 
The users may feel frustrated about the occurrence of such an issue. A pending software update may be the probable reason for this. We know that scanning a system for viruses is the basic function of any antivirus. But what if it fails to do so? Just join our help desk for instant and sure remedies.

2. Installation issues: Most of the users speak about this problem of antivirus. Different reasons could be there that cause incomplete installation. For say, a pile-up of cache memory may result in stoppage of the installation process.

3. Antivirus Login problem: Sometimes, the working of antivirus gets affected due to this error. You won’t be able to update the software or renew the license.
But the good thing is that you can avoid such a problem by speaking to our team of Antivirus Support center.

4. Update issues: Friends, we can’t overlook the importance of updating Antivirus on a regular basis. With this, you will have the latest firmware that allows you to get rid of even the most obstinate malware.However, at the time of updating Antivirus, users see a lot of problems i.e the system may crash or even your files can also be lost. So, without any delay, hire our customer services for a better and productive result.

5. Error Code 10: The above error may also take place, so be attentive. It may slow down your system and makes it crash down too. Coming to its reasons then incomplete installation process or virus attack can be mentioned.
Our team is always ready to support you. Let them inform if the same happens to your antivirus.

Bugs form an integral part of any software, same happens with antivirus software. But now you can say ‘Bye’ to all these irritating and tetchy situations by moving towards the right platform. This is none other than a support center for Antivirus Help.

  • The simplest and quickest method to rectify tech errors.
  • Optimum solutions at reasonable rates.
  • Certified and qualified technicians put all their efforts to minimize the user’s grievances.
  • Refund policy is also worth appreciating. If in case, the services failed to satisfy you, just go with it. Within a week, all your money will come back to you.
  • For your convenience, we have placed two options. One is taking support via phone call and another one is through live chat.
  • Dropping an email is also another good option. We would defiantly respond to your mail.
  • Keep asking until you get the proper solution. The team will treat you in the same polite manner. They won’t be fed with your repeating calls.
  • It’s great that you can enjoy services sitting anywhere in the world. Simply dial our hotline number (1-888-200-7580 ).
  • Within a second or two, you will be connected to our experts.
  • Don’t waste your time thinking about the problem, fixing it your own, instantly move to our Customer support center.
  • Our solutions are completely distinguished from others, must try it once.
  • You should understand that an ideal or error-free program doesn’t exist. Facing error is just a common thing. It can be corrected. What you need to do is to sign up for a better and reliable service.
  • As we know virus may enter both in phone and computer. But we tend to offer a solution only for PC antivirus.
  • Have a safe and open conversation with our team members.
  • Rather than earning money, customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority.
  • Don’t get panic that your personal information might be misused. We take care of our customer privacy.
  • Stay tuned with us, no matter whether the issue is big or small.
  • Preference is given to every single customer.

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