Canon Printer Won’t Print After Changing Ink Cartridges

As we all know Canon is one of the known printer brands among home & business users. Printer at present is the need of an hour. We all depend on this device to print various documents including letters and images. Sometimes Canon printer won’t print after changing the empty ink cartridge.It fails to provide the desired results and appropriate printouts. If you are having the same situation, we can say that the printer is not recognizing the ink cartridge or assuming that it is still blank. The user may face untoward the situation when the empty cartridges are refilled by them on their own. So, whenever you get trapped in such a printer issue, unhesitatingly get help from our tech buddies at ‘Techsquadline’.

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troubleshoot Canon Printer Won't Print After Changing Ink Cartridges :

Eliminate the Protective Tape: In several printers, you will see those ink cartridges are shipped with a small strip of protective tape covering the print nozzle. It helps to block the nozzle thus preventing the ink from leaking at the time of  shipping or packing. The cartridge will not be able to print unless you remove this tape named protective. For this, you need to remove the cartridge from Canon printer and look for the tape. Its colour may vary depending on the model of cartridge. If you see any stickers or labels on the cartridge, please don’t remove them as it helps to seal the cartridge and the ink doesn’t leak or dry out. If it is removed, the ink will be quickly dried.

Reset Ink Cartridge Counter: It may possible that your printer doesn’t identify the ink cartridge or ink counter may consider it as “empty”. Some printer models have cartridge reset feature present in them that proves beneficial in a situation when the printer doesn’t diagnose ink cartridge. To reset ink cartridge in Canon printer, just press and hold “cleaning button” or “Load/Eject” button for at least 3 seconds. Next, lift the clamp but avoid eliminating the cartridge from Canon printer. Now, shut the clamp followed by pressing Load/ Eject button again. To learn this reset procedure, you may also go through your printer’s manual guide.

Run Extended Cleaning Cycle: Suppose the ink started to dry out then there is a need to run an extended cleaning cycle. It will settle your issue and help the printer to recognize the ink cartridge. Look the printer for “Cleaning” button and hold it for a few minutes. You may seek support by contacting us to run cleaning cycle on your printing device. Once this process gets finished, print a test page to see whether your printer is working in a fine manner or not.

Refilled Cartridges issues :To save money, refilling the ink cartridge can be helpful. But if not done correctly, it may result in non-working of a printer (i.e it will not print). While doing so (filling ink in a cartridge), sometimes ink doesn’t spread across its way to the lower/bottom of the tank. You may avoid this by injecting the fresh ink into sponge via exit hole. However, the air bubbles stuck in the ink cartridge may also hinder the flow of ink. At that time, what you need to do is allow the ink cartridge to sit unused for about an hour. With this, the bubbles will get removed on their own.

Still, the issue prevails then do this- remove the ink cartridge and gently tap it on a table so that the bubbles can be dislodged.

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