How To Fix Pogo Games Sign In Problems ?

The internet gaming brand Pogo has now become people’s first choice. The users from different age groups love spending their time on the site. Not only a source of entertainment but also it helps to enhance the multi-tasking ability of an individual and sharpen their mind. There are two ways to enjoy your favorite games on pogo:

The first one is by paying Membership Fee for a particular set of games known as ‘Club Pogo’, you can enjoy Premium Games.
Another way is to Signup for free and plays limited games with the advertisement.

One thing that is common for both the users is the Pogo Login issue. A large number of users complain about this and today we are here to help you come out of the mess. Go through the article until the end to find reasons for this problem and remedies for the same.

Top reasons for Pogo Sign-in problems are:

1. The user forgot his/her Pogo Account Password
2. The user forgot the Username of his/her Pogo Account
3. The user’s account has been hacked
4. Slow Internet connectivity
5. End of Pogo Games Subscription

Let’s have a detailed discussion one by one:

(A) Forgot Pogo Games Password: The login error tends to occur when you enter the incorrect password. You may see a message on the sign-in page saying “Please try again” or “Reset your Password”. Perform the given steps to fix such error:

a) First, go to and there click on the ‘Sign In’ option.
b) Now, tap the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
c) You will be then asked to enter your username. After this, choose the ‘Next’ option.
d) Doing so, you will get an email in your registered email id. Along with, they’re given a Reset link to open your mail which is connected with Pogo. Go with that reset link and set the new password for your a/c.

                                                                                       Source: Google

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(B) Forgot Screen Name: Not remembering the screen name or username may also lead to a login problem. As you try to sign in with an incorrect user name, you won’t be allowed to do so with words saying “your credentials are invalid”.Just look at the given steps to avoid all this:

a) First of all, go to There, click the ‘Sign In’ option.
b) You will see a ‘Forgot password or Screen name’ option on the ‘Sign In’ screen.
c) Pick that option and go with the directions provided.
d) Next, you will be asked for an email that is registered with a pogo Account.
e) Provide that email followed by clicking the ‘Submit’ option.
f) An email containing your username will be sent to you.
g) Now, use this username and proceed to ‘Sign In’ for your pogo A/c along with the password.

                                                                                      Source: Google

(C) When your Pogo Account Has Been Hacked: It may, however, possible that your account has been hacked. And because of this, you are not able to sign in with pogo. In such a case, check out the following alternatives:

a) Try changing the password of the email that is associated with the Pogo account.
b) With the help of Antivirus, try to remove Virus Or Keygen.
c) Reset the Pogo Account Password or ask ‘Pogo Technical Support’ for more details.

(D) Poor Internet Connection: Another possible reason for the inconvenience you are facing could be the sluggish internet connection. Here, we would suggest you restart your pc and modem along with the router.

a) You may try adjusting router channel settings for improved connectivity.
b) Try launching Pogo games and see if it helps you to login in.
c) If you continue to fail, do ask your ISP to have a look at your internet connectivity.

(E) Club Pogo Membership Expired: Well, in this particular situation, you can do nothing except to renew your Club Pogo Membership. If you don’t want to do so, play free limited games on to consider:-

  • Please ensure that you remember the correct password of your Pogo account. Type it correctly with respect to  Caps lock Or Num lock as it (password) can be case sensitive.
  • It is often seen that more than one family members have access to a single pogo a/c. Avoid it and use any other user for the password.

Conclusion: All the solutions discussed above are very easy to perform. Still, you find it hard to do it on your own, ask our experts. You may contact us via chat support and our technicians will help you.

Thank you for giving your time reading the article!!!!

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