In this blog, the whole process has been explained in a very simple manner and is divided into 3 parts.Just go through it till the end and move as per instructions for successful removal of McAfee Live-safe.

1. From Apps and features in Settings Application
2. Using the MCPR tool
3. Remove Traces and leftover of McAfee Live-safe antivirus

PART 1: From Apps and features in Settings Application:

  • First of all, on the Start menu, tap on gear icon and go to ‘Settings’ option there.
  • Next, click on ‘Apps’.
  • There look for ‘McAfee Livesafe’ and select it.
  • Pick ‘Uninstall’ option after then.
  • Now, check for ‘McAfee Livesafe’ option and remove all the program files. If you reinstall on this PC, you have to provide subscription details and choose your settings once again.
  • Next, in order to wipe out, make a click on ‘Remove’ option.
  • As the installation gets finished, tap on the option named ‘Restart Now’.

No, the task is not completed yet. Navigate to its official website to get “McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool” (MCPR). Keep in mind that it’s an essential utility to remove the antivirus entirely from your device.

PART 2. Using the MCPR tool:

  • First, you need to download ‘McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool’ from the official website of Mcafee. Next,double-click on ‘MCPR.exe’ and open it once the download is finished.
  • After this, on a user, a/c hit ‘Yes’ and tap ‘Next’ on McAfee Software Removal.
  • On end, user license agreement, go with ‘Agree’ option. After then, click ‘Next’.
  • Insert characters and fill Captcha box correctly followed by pressing ‘Next’ option.
  • MCPR will identify the installed program itself. And at the same time, it will uninstall some programs.
  • The process will take some time to complete. Have patience and once it is over, restart your Windows 10. Before you move to finish, please save your pending work so as to avoid losing any significant data.

PART 3. Remove Traces and leftover of McAfee Live-safe Antivirus: 

To ensure complete removal, delete its traces and leftovers from registry entries and system files. Before you start, we suggest you take backup of your registry editor.

  • First, tap on the search icon and there type ‘regedit’.
  • Next, press ‘Enter’.
  • Click ‘OK’ from UAC warning prompt.
  • As the registry editor appears, navigate to

! Computer/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software
! Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software

  • Search for terms having prefix as ‘McAfee’in both of the strings. Once it is found, right-click on it and click ‘Delete’ option.

Steps to delete temporary files and recent files:

  • Copy given commands in a sequence, paste it into Run box and press ‘Enter’ every time. ‘%temp% recent temp’
  • Next, choose all the items and delete as the folder opens.

If you still need further assistance with this regard then you may get in touch with ‘Techsquadline Team’.


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