How To Disable MCAFEE Antivirus On Windows & Mac Computer?

An American global computer security software company ‘MCAFEE’ has proved itself as world’s largest dedicated security technology company. Founded in 1987, the brand develops digital security tools for PC, server devices as well as mobile devices.Well, good thing is that this anti-virus program shields your PC from malicious software that tries to install itself even without user’s knowledge.But on the odd occasion, it can get in way of legal programs that you want to install. Thus, there is the need for its temporary shut down. However, the methods of disabling may vary. It depends on whether you are having stand-alone McAfee virus scan software or you own entire McAfee Security Center suite.In this blog, we will let you know the methods for temporarily disabling of Mcafee Security Center on Windows or Mac PC. Doing so, it will be removed from your PC. Please note that if it’s your only antivirus software,turning it OFF will leave your device prone to virus.Steps you need to perform are mentioned below:


  • First of all, open Start menu or click Windows logo situated at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Next, type Mcafee into Start box.
  • Now, tap McAfee® TotalProtection. You can see it at top of Start window (with subheading “Desktop app” below its name).
  • On Mcafee window, go for PC Security tab (located at upper-left corner).
  • After then, click on Real-time scanning i.e on left-side of Mcafee window.
  • Pick turn off option. You can see it on the upper right of the page.
  • After selecting the time limit, click Turn Off.

In case, you wish to disable McAfee until you turn it back ON manually, go for Never option in the time limit.
As you turn off Real-Time Scanning, exit this window.

  • In this step, click the Firewall tab. You can find the option below Real-Time Scanning tab on the left side of a window.
  • Click Turn Off option (i.e on the upper-right side of the page).

In case, your Firewall page is blank, it means your McAfee Firewall is already off. You can leave the next two steps.

  • After selecting time-limit, please click Turn Off option. With this, Mcafee will remain disabled until the time period gets over.
  • To close Firewall window, click X on the top right corner.
  • After then, go for Automatic Updates option (you can see the option below Firewall).
  • Next, select Turn Off option.
  • After this, click on Scheduled Scan. The option is just below Automatic Updates.
  • Now, tap Turn off option.

All your Mcafee services are now disabled. In case, it fails another option is to uninstall it completely from your PC.


  • First, click on Mcafee icon. It is white “M” on red shield icon situated at the top-right side of Mac’s menu bar.
  • If not able to see this icon, click magnifying glass icon (in top-right corner). After then, type in “McAfee” followed by clicking Internet Security option.
  • Next, click Total Protection Console (it is near the bottom of Mcafee drop-down menu).
  • After then, go for Home tab i.e on the upper left side of Window.
  • Tap Gear icon i.e at the top-right corner of Home tab.
  • Next, click Real-Time Scanning (near the top of the gear drop-down menu). It will open a window for Real-Time Scanning.
  • To disable Real-Time Scanning:

* Tap lock icon.
* After this, insert your administrator password and then hit OK.
* Next, click Real-Time Scanning switch i.e on the top-right corner.
* Close Real-Time Scanning window after doing this.

  • Again click the gear icon, then firewall.
  • Next, it’s time to disable Mcafee’s Firewall. Do it in the same manner in which you disabled Real-Time Scanning.
  • Again click the gear icon and then Automatic Updates.
  • Now, disable automatic update. Do it in the same manner in which you disabled Real-Time Scanning and Firewall.
  • Tap gear icon again, then click Schedule Scan.
  • Here, unlock Full and Custom Scan Settings page. Next, click on the gear icon and insert your administrator password. Hit OK.
  • Select Weekly drop-down box (i.e on the far-left side of “Scheduled scans” page).
  • If the option is not there then click Scheduled scans.
  • Select Never option. It will save McAfee from re-activating itself to scan your PC.
  • Again click on the gear icon, after then go for McAfee Site Advisor. It is responsible for this antivirus presence in your Mac’s browsers.
  • To disable SiteAdvisor, tap switch in the top-right corner of Site Advisor page. After pressing lock icon, provide your administrator password.
  • At last, close Settings window. With this, your Mac’s McAfee program would be completely disabled.


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