Known as the family of Internet security apps, Avast has been developed basically for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Since its launching, it has been the most trusted and popular antivirus in the market.This well-crafted software provides assured safety to user’s device from threats like virus, trojans,spyware, malware and other cyber attacks.To ensure protection, users need to take subscription for Avast premium or other paid packages.Good thing is that your card number and other payment details automatically gets saved at the time of subscription.Thus,the packages are automatically renewed before their service ends.Through this auto-renewal option user is saved from making payment at the end of every month. But it’s not necessary that all the users like this option.It may become the problem for them especially when they don’t want to continue this  service.The amount of payment deducted from their a/c may make them uncomfortable.If you get trapped in such a similar situation, switch to Customer Support without any delay. Here, the trained buddies will tell you how can you cancel your services.You can also try it on your own. Later in this blog, the whole process for cancelling the package and claiming a refund has been described.Go through it and perform steps in the manner prescribed.


Auto-renewal, we can say, is recurring billing system that automatically charges user’s credit card or PayPal a/c. For most of the users, it’s good as they need not care about their license expiration and renewal. On the other side, it’s problem for those who are not using Avast but still paying for it.There are 3 ways to do this. See what they are:

1. Disable your Automatic Renewal through Order Portal (Digital River only):

Friends, if you have bought the anti-virus via Digital River, use their order portal to cancel automatic renewal.

  • First, move to Digital River order portal at There you need to insert both your order number and password. You can check them in the original e-mail that you obtained after purchasing from address with the subject ‘Avast – Order Confirmation (Order #YOUR-ORDER-ID)‘.Verify it by tapping ‘find order‘.
  • Once the order details are found, please snap ‘Manage Subscription‘.
  • After then, on the subscription details page, look for the line ‘Automatic Renewals‘. Now, switch it from ‘On‘ to ‘Off‘. For verification, click ‘Disable Automatic Renewal‘ link appearing on pop-up message.
  • With this, you have successfully cancelled your automatic renewal and you will see ‘Off‘ in the ‘Automatic Renewals‘ line. Also, you will receive a confirmation e-mail having subject ‘Avast – Auto-Renewal Feature Has Been Stopped‘.

For some reason, if the above solution doesn’t provide you with positive results, then switch to the next one.

2. Disable your Automatic Renewal via Avast A/c (both Digital River and Nexway):

  • Before anything else, first, open your Avast application. After then, move to Avast A/c by clicking on the link ‘Sign in‘ or your e-mail in the top-right corner.
  • Now, login or create Avast A/c and ensure that this email and that you have used earlier at the time of original purchase is same.
  • Next, navigate to ‘Licenses‘ section. Search there for ‘Your licenses‘ option and click on it.
  • Search for auto-renewal license and cancel it by selecting ‘deactivate auto renewal subscription’.
  • Once it is done, you will get confirmation email having the subject ‘Avast – Auto-Renewal Feature Has Been Stopped‘.

Congrats, you have done it. From now onward, it will not be auto-renewed.

3. Seek help from Avast Support to Disable Automatic Renewal (both Digital River and Nexway):If any of the above solutions didn’t work for you, move to ‘Avast Customer Support’ and ask them for the cancellation of your auto-renewal.

  • Move to given link: There provide information with the cancel request. Please note that you use the same e-mail that was used at the time of original purchase.
  • Wait for the response of Avast Customer Service to confirm the cancellation.


Go through the given steps to stop the automatic deduction of payment from your a/c. If not able to do so, money from  your a/c will keep on deducting. The refund can be claimed by a user within 30 days after they have been charged.

  • Go to Avast official website.
  • Now, you need to move to sales and refund section.
  • Provide the information there.
  • Ensure that the ID is same that you used at the time of purchase.
  • Wait for the customer service response to confirm your request for a refund.

Although the steps are easy one still you find it confusing, get guidance from Techsquadline professionals.


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