Technical quirks are however attached to the finest product like Quickbooks. Among its complications, error H101, H202, H303, or H505 are frequently faced by users.It takes place when users try to access company files that are situated on another PC.The blog will provide you with more information regarding this Quickbooks error. Through the remedies discussed here in this post,you can easily handle the error. But if you need quick guidance, you are most welcome to our help desk.Here, the Intuit certified experts having specialization in their field will bring you sure shot solutions within no time.


Well, the above errors are very common in multi-user environments. You may confront it while attempting to transfer a company file from one pc to another. More often,the issue began appearing when a company file is being shared across a network.Always remember that you have QB File Doctor installed. As the tool has perfection to seek out such errors.Let’s have a look at its causes:

QB Desktop trying to build connections with the company file but unable to communicate with the server.

1. QB services are not opening: QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor services are not running. It should start on their own. To remove this, it would be better to use QB File Doctor.

2. Incorrect Hosting configuration settings: Please note that only the server having saved file,should turn ON the hosting.

3. Improper set up of QB firewall ports: It may possible that the Windows Firewall is blocking incoming and outgoing services to company file. Once again, you are recommended to go for QB file doctor to fix it.

4. Damaged QB Installation on your Server: It could give rise to the error while you attempt to start database service on your own.

5. Server 2012 Essentials: Complication may also arise while using Windows Server 2012.

Guys, don’t worry, we are there to help you out.Try the following troubleshooting methods:


Step 1: Make sure that QuickBooks software is Installed on your Server pc:

Friends, you can install the software both; with or without the license. Until it (QuickBooks) is installed on your server pc, you would not be allowed to use it in multi-user mode.

Step 2: Download and access QuickBooks File Doctor:

Download and run QBFD in your server pc.On your desktop, please double-click QB File Doctor icon (once you installed it). Or you may go to File Menu
and there type File Doctor to do the same.

Step 3: Correcting Multi-User Hosting Errors via QuickBooks

  • Browse company file locally on your server, if you can’t find it in a drop-down list.
  • Next, select to Check your network. After then, hit Continue.
  • In this step, choose Server for as long as you are on your server pc.
  • Hit Yes as you see a notification regarding sharing your folder.

After this, try to start QuickBooks software in a multi-user mode.If error H505 or H303 continues to appear, we can say that the hosting is running on your workstation.Thus, it’s necessary to remove the problem and access QB File Doctor.


Verify the hosting:

  • First, on each hosting pc, open QB software and move to File > Utilities.
  • In case, you see Host Multi-User Access on the list, this pc is not hosting the company file. You are free to switch to a different pc.

Note: Please don’t change anything, in case you see Host multi-user server.

  • If you notice Stop Hosting Multi-User Access then choose it.
  • Hit ‘YES’ in the Company File Must Be Closed window.

Verify the services :

– First, make sure that QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor Service are started.

1. Next, you need to click on the Windows Start button.
2. Press Windows key + R in order to open run box.
3. There you have to type MSC and hit Enter after then.

– Service window: scroll it down and look for QuickBooksDBXX service.

– If you find it hard to see QuickBooksDBXX Service,

! Using Database Server Manager, please ensure that the Database Server Manager is also installed on a server.
! If you run a full program on the server, open QuickBooks software, select and verify that hosting is enabled.

– Next, double-click on QuickBooksDBXX service and confirm that Startup Type is ‘Automatic’ and service status is ‘Running’.

– Snap Recovery option.

– Open computer system menu. Choose Restart, it will automatically restart QuickBooksDB service, if it fails. Repeat the same for Second failure.

– After this, click to save the changes made.

– Again perform the above steps for QBCFMonitor Service.

– Once it is completed, open the software in multi-user mode on each workstation.

Solution 3: Add your server to a Windows host file Edit the Windows hosts file.

Solution 4: Creating a new folder for company file and sharing it by allowing access to share company files.

  • At the hosting computer, you need to create a new folder, share it, and set windows to get permissions to share company files.
  • Now, copy the .qbw file to the new folder.
  • After then, open the company files in multi-user mode.

Solution 5: Configure the Firewall by choosing network ports:

  • In the firewall settings, make connection window
  • Next, Right click outbound files and tap new rules
  • Select ports
  • Tap Next
  • In local ports box, you need to choose TCP
  • Tap Next
  • After this, select allow the connection
  • Tap Next
  • Insert characters in the name field
  • Next, tap Finish
  • Repeat the steps for inbound rules
  • Now, open QuickBooks in multi-user mode
  • Also see, if you have removed QB from your Firewall (firewall blocking Quickbooks)

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