Easy Hacks To Connect ADSL2 Modem To D-Link Wireless Router

Without any doubt, we can say that D-Link Routers are one of the most admired and accepted router machines present in the market. The users can get access to high-speed Internet connections and can also share the same with several other devices, that’s why they love to buy the product.The product is in heavy demand because a large number of people are dependent on these machines to perform their routine task.Although, we are aware of its significance, but can’t deny its complexity on the other side. The routers comprise of different hardware, modems, antennas and a software program embedded into it. Like any other electronic gadget, it may also malfunction without any prior information. 

How to connect ADSL 2 Modem to a wireless router : 

This is a quite common question among users. And today we are going to discuss detailed description regarding how can you do this in a few simple steps. For this, you need to carefully read our blog.In order to connect your ADSL2 modem with your wireless router, please ensure that you are having 2 sets of Ethernet cable. In addition to this, you should also have all the connecting wires and electricity output port.

Step 1: Connect your ADSL modem to a power outlet and don’t turn it ON for now. Take the ADSL cable coming from your wall, and connect it to the Internet port / WAN port of your modem.

Step 2: In the next step, take your wireless router and connect it to your modem through the Ethernet cable you were asked to keep with yourself. The cable coming from your modem will go into the WAN port of your Dlink router.

Step 3: After then, connect your router to another power outlet and turn ON both the modem and the wireless router.Wait for some moment to let the connection be built between both the devices.

Step 4: To use your Internet connection, you are required to configure your router. Now, use another Ethernet cable to connect your router to your pc. One end of the cable will go into the LAN port of your router, while the other will go inside your PC’s Ethernet port.

Step 5: Configure your router as per the directions of D-Link or you may ask your ISP to do it for you. For the time being, you may use it directly as per the present setup and wired connection.So, these were the steps that can help you connect your ADSL 2 modem to wireless router. Hope that you are able to complete the setup on your own. In case of any query, then without wasting a single moment,reach our Customer Support for Dlink via our toll-free(1-800-314-8024).The online service provider, Router Technical Support for D-link, deals with all sorts of issues and offer top remedies.Be it software solutions, hardware configuration, router configuration from scratch and much more. Our finest engineers are capable of solving even the toughest router issues with ease. .


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