In our today’s section, we will tell our users how to Reset and Troubleshoot D-Link Router Extender by following an easy procedure. You are required to unplug your device Range Extender from the Power Outlet and wait for one or two minutes.
Steps to be followed by users are:

Step 1: Restart the modem and router to try to connect your Extender while checking the modem connection

Step 2: If you are working with a D-Link Range extender then it could possible that the device may contain the technical issue. So to Reset and Troubleshoot D-Link Range Extender, plug in the D-Link Range Extender into the power outlet. Keep your device on and its colour will depend on the colour that the D-Link Range Extender is showing

Step 3: As per the D-Link Router Support Service team’s view, there will be a pinhole button on its bottom side which will be a reset button. Work with the Paperclip to press it and hold it for the next few seconds until the LED starts blinking. It will show up with colours like Green /Blue/ Orange.

Step 4: Now, D-Link Range Extender will reboot and will further reset to its factory default settings. We can say, it is ready to work now.

Step 5: Many a time, resetting the D-Link Range Extender can be a matter of worry and here we need to troubleshoot the issue in a proper manner

D-Link Router Support Number (1-800-314-8024) works round the clock for the convenience of users. Industry’s experts are fully devoted to their work and consider every single issue of clients.No doubt, the customers are well treated by our experts. To avoid any stress, place a call at our help-desk and get the most accepted and reliable solutions ever.

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