Easy Way To Rectify Verizon Email Account Login Issues

Are you facing difficulty while you try to login to Verizon Email Account? If Yes, then this article can help you a lot. Here, we have mentioned simple steps that you can perform to eliminate your worries.US Company ‘Verizon Communications’ is known for providing broadband, wireless and cable services to nationwide users. Well, Verizon Email is now a part of Yahoo. Hence, to fix this issue, it is required to check the pop client account setting.Let me tell you, how to do this:

1. Before anything else, first, make sure that whether your Verizon email a/c works smoothly without a POP client (like Outlook or Mac Mail ) or not. Next, log on to  Mail.Yahoo.com, there create a new email and send it to yourself. Within the shortest
of time, you will get the email.

2. Please check that the POP access settings are as follows:

! Incoming Mail Server: incoming.yahoo.verizon.net
! Port – 995
! Need SSL – Yes
! Outgoing Mail (SMTP)Server: outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net
! Port – 465 or 587
! Need SSL – Yes
! Need TLS – Yes
! Need authentication – Yes

3. Confirm that ports aren’t being blocked:

  • Please note that firewalls, antivirus program, and networks protocols can block the ports. If you see that Yahoo’s port (especially 995, 465 or 587) are blocked then it would be hard for the email client to connect safely to Yahoo’s server. Consult your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the same and ensure that all ports are opened.
  • Suppose, you have created any of the extra email address. Please make sure that it’s been properly verified. As the possibilities are there for ‘Error Code 533’ to occur because of unverified email while using any pop client. Move back to an instruction to verify the email address.

4. Do check that you are having a fast and excellent Internet Connectivity:

  • Always go for a newest version of Internet Browser.
  • Be attentive that OS (Operating System) you are having is updated to current updates.
  • Ensure that JavaScript and Adobe Flash are enabled on your browser.
  • Stop giving preference to application and programs requiring high-bandwidth.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy setting on your device must be disabled.

Apart, from this forgotten password can also be responsible for this. To reset your password, try the given steps:

1. First, move to Verizon Yahoo homepage with the help of given link:


2. There, you need to click ‘Sign In’ button that you can see at the top-right corner of the screen. From there, you will be taken to ‘Sign In’ page of Verizon Yahoo email.

3. Once you have reached there, snap option named “Trouble signing in?”.

4. Now, click on “Forgot your Info?” link on the next page. You will be then directed to
“Forgot My Password” page. There, insert your User ID and Zip Code in the space provided. Press ‘Continue’ button after then.

5. Next, move with on-screen directions to complete the password reset process. Doing so, you can easily regain your access to Verizon Yahoo email a/c.

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