How To Install AOL GOLD Desktop For Windows 10 ?

The current version ‘AOL gold desktop for windows 10’ has lead to an increase in fan following of Aol.American Online (AOL) is loved and accepted by users across the globe.AOL gold desktop for windows 10 can be installed by users as it is considerably faster and fun-filled desktop. Once you go with this AOL gold desktop for windows 10, the features you will enjoy are:

  • Added Safety
  • Faster operations
  • Improved Security
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Cutting edge Encryption
  • Economical

By making AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser,all its features and functions are provided to you automatically. You need not worry about its installation, as it’s a fast and easy process.Along with this, activating AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 10 is also very simple.Install this new version of AOL (AOL gold desktop for windows 10) and explore your world of AOL.Of course, you will find the look of this new web-mail client similar to what you have enjoyed earlier, but the features are completely different.With a familiar look, it has been designed to give users a faster, more secure and unforgettable experience.

  • Automatic update is cut out for you.
  • Customized formatting that you wish to have.
  • The users can migrate from the email they were using till now.
  • Perfect email client for Microsoft Windows 10.

However, we have found drawback with it. AOL is compatible only with later Window version, for example after Window 7 only.

AOL Desktop Gold V/S Current Version :

The newly released AOL Desktop Gold provides improved and updated security features and help users to save their AOL a/c from being compromised. Our two-step verification process helps users in this regard and needs the second form of authorization along with their password. With added encryption,personal details stored by users in AOL Desktop is unreadable to others, (in case, if anyone tries to steal it).Well, the looks and features of AOL Desktop Gold are quite similar to traditional Desktop versions. You can easily transfer

  • Toolbar icon
  • Email
  • Your username,
  • Password,
  • Email
  • Favourites and
  • Contacts

AOL Desktop Gold will replace the previous version as the new one is now available. Its features have made it quite impressive. Being dependable, secure and trust able, you will feel awesome using it.AOL has also streamlined the download and installing procedure and has reduced user stress to update their AOL Desktop software. Updates now take place automatically in the background,leaving you guys undisturbed.You can enjoy given benefits after Installing AOL gold desktop for windows 10-

  • Automatic Updates
  • Have a current version of software and access to AOL
  • Consumes less of your pc space (as it automatically replaces the old updates with new ones).
  • Advanced Technology
  • Fast speed and performance save a user time
  • Error occurs very often
  • Customized Font and Text Options
  • Different Two-Screen Verification Process
  • Helps to protect your AOL a/c from being compromised
  • Simple to perform Installation Process
  • Minimum steps required for its download and install
  • New AOL Desktop can be used without any delay
  • Same and easy-to-use navigation that you are aware of
  • Import can be run manually from a File menu
  • Your contacts and favourites are stored safely on AOL servers. It simply means that your favourites and contacts will follow you wherever you go
  • The updated Web Browser speedily saves information without any trouble.

 The system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold are

  • Available for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • 266 MHz or speedier computer processor
  • 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution suggested
  • 512 MB free hard disk space with 1 GB RAM
  • Internet connectivity

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