Founded in 1988, Avast was formerly known as Alwil Software. The antivirus is a family of Internet security applications designed for MS Windows,mac OS, Android, and iOS. Its products constitute free and proprietary versions offering computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spam and lot more. With this, Avast has shined in anti-virus industry and has become user’s first choice. You must also know that Avast programs are available in 45 languages and is available only to Internet-connected devices.Although it has worldwide popularity when it causes issues, the users get disturbed.It has been reported by our customers that sometimes Avast UI failed to load errors. As a result of this,the whole program stops running. Such complication may arise because of incorrect Windows service configuration.If you are having the same error and don’t know how to deal with it, then carefully read the blog till its end.In a case, you lack enough time, you may approach ‘Avast Customer Service’ as quick as possible.Consider the given points for Basic Avast troubleshooting:

  • Restart your Avast software by pressing Green button
  • Modify the startup type of your PC to the manual
  • Run Avast repair program from Avast setup Wizard
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the program

Let’s discuss them in detail:

* Simplest thing you can do to resolve this issue of Avast on Windows 10 is to press
Restart-Service button.You can see the button along with the error message.It’s a natural step to carry out. But users ignore it and try to exit the program and then start it again through the desktop. You must restart it by pressing ‘Green’ button.Chances are low that it will work, but you must try it. Maybe it’s your good day. Still, you don’t get relief then proceed to the next remedy.

* Steps:
1. First of all, you need to press Win and R simultaneously from your keyboard to run Windows Service Console.
2. Now, type ‘service.msg’ followed by pressing OK button.
3. Afterwards, locate and right-click Remote Desktop Services in Services Console

  • Tap Properties
  • Next, in the General tab, make a click on drop-down menu i.e next to Startup type
  • Pick Automatic option

4. To save the changes made, hit Apply option.
5. Now, it’s time to restart your PC and try to open Avast Antivirus again.

* In case, you don’t find these steps useful than running Avast repair program via Avast setup wizard can redress the issue.Move to Add or Remove program section in Control Panel in order to access Repair option. There you need to look and right- click on the Avast anti-virus program. By tapping ‘Change’ in the drop-down a menu, Avast setup will open. By choosing the option to repair the program within configuration will repair as well as update your software.After then, a restart must be done to see whether everything is all right or not.

* If all the above-discussed remedies failed to bring positive results, then last but not the least,you can go for Fresco Install. It will save you from the irritating mess.To execute a fresco install or a fresh install, first you need to uninstall the entire program.After then, check that no remains of past program are there in the system. Next, re-download and install the  program once again.Hope, you like it!!!


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