What To Do When Quickbooks Won’t Open Company File ?

The bookkeeping software ‘Quickbooks’ perfectly meet ever-rising needs of the business.At present, it is used by almost every entrepreneur. On the other hand, sometimes it displays error messages that it will not company files, that is quite irritating. So, today in this write-up, we will tell you useful and easy tips to manage this issue.Before we discuss solutions, let me tell you some reason for this error:

  • Corrupted or damaged QB Company file.
  • In case, if a file is already opened by another user on a shared network.
  • Application of wrong methods to open particular file types.
  • Using incorrect QB version to open files.
  • Report issues in the file.
  • Issues like access permissions, encrypted or compressed files, filename and extension issues, and  corruption of data within the file

The error message may include the following:

  •  “ -6000 series issues (such as -6189, -6144, -6123, or -6000”).
  • “C= messages such as C=422 or C=343.”
  • “ Unrecoverable error messages.”
  • “3371 indicating that QuickBooks installation is damaged.”
  • QB Error -6073, -99001.
  • QB Error -6073, -816.

Methods to apply are as follows: First of all, make sure that the problem exists with a file, not with the program. Press ‘Control’ key and then double-click QB icon. If you see that it (Quickbooks) doesn’t start, that is the problem. But if  it’s not the problem, move with given steps:

! Please see that you are having a current updated version of the software.

! Now, open the file with the same software version that you last opened with. For this, go with given steps:

a) In Windows, look for company file on your device.

b) Next, right-click the file to select Properties.
c) After then, in Properties page, go with QB tab.
d) You will see a box showing previously used version.

! Open company file via accounting software. For this:

a) You need to move to File menu. There tap Open or restore the company.
b) Next, pick the suitable radio button depending on whether it is a backup file, working company file, etc.
c) Navigate to the place where the company file is held and choose that file.
d) To place the file at the correct location, do this:

For Accountant’s Copy, go to File menu > ‘Convert accountants copy transfer file’.

! Prevent reports and other QB windows from opening by pressing Alt key.

! Choose file. After then, press Alt key.

! Tap Open. After getting a login window, you can release Alt key and provide login details there.

! Again press Alt key when you click OK.

! Hold Alt key until the file opens or you receive an error message.

! Now, try opening a sample company file. In case, the file doesn’t open, then we can say the problem is with software installation.

! After then, you have to change the location of a company file.

! Have a look at the properties of a file. Move to Windows Explorer and right click the File to select Properties. Please note that the file size must be at least 7 MB, and it shouldn’t be encrypted or compressed.

! Try to rename the file.

! To remove multi-user access, please click ‘Utilities’ button in the file menu.


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