How To Fix Print Head 935 Error Code In Lexmark Printer

Lexmark Printer performs well when it comes to quality printing. However, as time passes, it may require proper maintenance and you need to replace some of the components like ink cartridges, print heads of your printer,etc. If you see 935 error code, follow the given tips to correct this.

REMOVE MACHINE ISSUE : Shutting down the laptop is indeed a good way to come out from this trouble. Sometimes, restarting your machine could also fix several issues. In this case, the unit will clear this error itself. If the issue
still exists after doing this, then go to the next step.

CHECK IT’S POWER SOURCE : Plug your Lexmark printer directly into a power outlet in order to decrease the possibility of this error. Outpouring protectors may harm the printer to encounter low amperage that can evoke this problem. This is a common problem if you plugged the printing machine recently to a surge protector. Once it is done, if the machine works well, then it’s good if not, then proceed to the next step.

CHANGE IT’S PRINT HEAD : Changing the Print head is the last remedy to fix this 935 error code. With the passage of time, print heads wear down from continuous usage. One of the biggest reason behind this is frequent paper jams, starting and stopping the printer which contributes the role to cause this issue. Well, at this time, you must clean the Print head with a clean and dry cloth dipped in a drop of alcohol.

If the error continues to disturb you, even after following above-discussed procedures, you need to consult experts to get rid of this problem. It may be difficult for an unprofessional person to remove this issue. Dialing Lexmark Support Phone Number would be best if you need instant help.Whenever, wherever you feel stuck with the complexities of printing, come forward to discuss your queries with us.Use Lexmark Printer Helpline Number (1-800-314-8024 ) for the same. You may also drop us an email. However, our live support agents are also there to guide customers with viable remedies.


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