Simple & Easiest Ways To Boost Up Windows 10 Computer

Without any doubt, we can say that Windows 10 is one of the finest OS for PC  offered by Microsoft. The company has launched it with it lots of outstanding and impressive features. For say, new Start menu, Edge browser,digital assistant Cortana along with other apps and utilities.If you are using Windows 10 on your Pc, then this article is for you. Guys, it doesn’t matter whether you are having current OS or your system is new. The computer tends to slow down as some time passes.And it’s just because of hardware/software glitches, heavy apps, wrong configuration settings, junk files etc.Below we have mentioned easy tricks that you may adopt to improve the responsiveness of your Windows. 

1. Faster Startup:

A window will ask for the password every time the user starts their pc. It’s wow as it doesn’t allow any other individual to have unauthorized access into your device. But if you keep the system at your home,then this startup password can be disabled. As inserting it (password) costs you few seconds per boot. To do this, go with given steps:

  • First of all, in the Search field please type netplwlz and then press ‘Enter’.
  • After then, un-check the box that you can see next to where users are asked to enter username and password to move ahead. Now, tap on ‘Apply’ and fill the password to save the changes.

2. Faster Shutdown:

In Windows 10, 3 clicks and a menu are needed for shutdown process.Well, every user wants to have quick shut down of their device. For this, you can go for a shortcut. Make right-click on your desktop and choose ‘New’ then ‘Shortcut’. Now, type %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe/s/t 0 in location field. After then,hit ‘Finish’ option. By doing so, your system will shut down just by clicking on Shortcut.

3. Limit Startup Programs:

First, you should know what Startup programs are?  Well, these are those apps that begin running in the background whenever the system powers up. To make your Window to run in full speed, you should disable the unnecessary apps (as a huge amount of RAM is consumed by them).For this, first, open Task manager or press Ctrl+Alt+Del from your keyboard. Then make a click on ’Startup’ tab in the task manager. Doing so, you can view all the apps that run when your device turns on. Now,right-click on unnecessary apps followed by pressing on ‘Disable’. It will thus help you to increase startup time of your Windows 10.

4. Cleanup the Disks:

Always remember that using too many apps and software consumes the lot of disk space which in turn lead to a slower system. So to remove your system’s sluggishness, you are supposed to clean up the disk. For this,search for Disk and there pick ‘Disk Cleanup’ and then choose the disk that needs cleanup.Regular cleaning up of a disk will help you a lot in enhancing your device performance.

5. Go for Uninstallation of Unwanted Software:

Please note that unwanted apps and games that are used by the user on rare occasion eat up precious RAM’s space.So, if they are not needed at all, it would be wise to uninstall them.For this, open Control Panel. There move to ‘Programs and Features’ and then choose the apps you want to uninstall
6. Turn off background Apps:

Slow working of pc can also be attributed to these apps (as they keep on running in the background). So, better would be to turn them off. You can do this at any time when they are not in use. It would result in less RAM consumption and more CPU usage.To close these apps, you need to open the ‘Start’ menu. Select Setting –> Privacy and after then, click on ‘Background Apps’ from the left menu. Now, turn off the apps you don’t want to run in the background.

7. Defragment your hard-disk:

Defragmentation is quite essential to optimize PC’s hard disk drives and organize files and folders.To defragment hard drives, look for defragment in Cortana. Then, open Defragment and Optimize Drivers. Next, choose the driver and click on ‘Optimize’.

8. Go for High-Performance Mode:

This Window comes up with power saving mode when the device is low on power. The pc performance can be increased by making use of maximum power.To do this, move to Control Panel. There, snap on ‘System and Security’. After then, tap on Power Options and pick there High Performance.

9. Launching of Windows Troubleshooter:

The Window has strong windows troubleshooter that not only identifies the issues
but also fixes them. To launch this, you have to type troubleshooting in the search box and then click on Troubleshooting Control Panel icon.

10. Uninstall Bloatware in Windows 10:

Bloatware comes up with your device at the time when you purchase it. The manufacturer offers numerous utilities to its users. For instance, disc burning software, backup tools, bloatware that are not at all required by user. These insidious programs installed by PC manufacturer lowers your Pc speed. But no worries,it’s easy to get rid of them.

11. Check for virus and spyware:

Always be careful and pay attention to virus and spyware. For this, you can run antivirus or built-in Windows Defender in your device. If any found, make effort to remove them.Hope, the aforementioned tips will help you in running your Window without any lags or crashes.

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