How To Fix “Cannot Connect To The Norton Server” Error?

The user may see the “Cannot connect to the Norton server” error when they activate their Norton product. Read the entire content to learn methods to address this Norton error. Perform the remedies in the same way as suggested. Here’s you can solve this particular issue.

How To Fix cannot connect to the norton server windows 10 :

Step 1 : Restart your PC:

  • Close all the running programs on your system.
  • Restart the system, after then. Try to activate your antivirus program again.

If the issue still prevails, please try out Step 2.

Step 2: Set as a default web browser:

  • On your Windows 10 desktop, navigate to Start then Settings 
  • Windows setting screen will appear in front of you 
  • Next, click on apps then tap default apps  on the left hand side.
  • On the right hand side under Web browser, pick the browser you wish to set as default.

After performing the above steps try to activate your antivirus program.

In Windows 8/7/Vista/XP:

Step 1: Restart your PC:

  • Close all the programs.
  • Next, restart your device.
In case, the issue failed to solve, go ahead with step 2.

Step 2: Change your default Web Browser:

  • First of all, to open Run dialogue box press Windows + R key. Type “control panel” in the given text window followed by pressing ‘Enter’. Hit Continue, if User Account Control window appears.
  • Now, in the Control Panel window, next to View by, please choose ‘Category’ from a drop-down list. Select ‘Programs’ in the Control Panel window.
  • Under Default Programs, tap ‘Set your default programs’.
  • After this, in Set your default programs window (under Programs), pick your preferred browser. Next, snap ‘Set this program as default’.
  • At last, hit OK.
Still don’t get a suitable result, uninstall and Reinstall your product to rectify the error.
Note : Uninstall your Norton program if you have installed it before running ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool.
  • First of all Save the file to desktop after you download the ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool’. In some browsers, the file automatically gets stores to its default location.
  • Next, press the CTRL+J key to open the Downloads window in your browser.
  • After then, select and double-click the NRnR icon.
  • Click on the ‘Agree’ option after going through the license agreement.
  • Next, tap Advanced option. Then select remove.
  • At last, tap restart now.

As the device restarted, move as per directions provided to re-install Norton. After this, run Live Update until you see no other updates are available and restart the device when asked.

Step 3: Run Live Update for Can’t communicate with Norton server issue:

  • Open Your Norton Program.
  • Next, click Security and then Live Update in the main window.

  • As Norton LiveUpdate is finished, hit OK.
  • Until you see the message saying “ Your Norton protection has the latest protection updates”, run LiveUpdate.
  • After exiting all the programs, restart the device.

Conclusion :

The methods described here are quite effective and result oriented if performed in an appropriate manner. But if you have any doubts related to this, unhesitatingly contact us via chat support. In doing so, you will be able to communicate directly with our technicians. And I am sure, you would love their support and way of serving clients.

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