What Are The Main Benefits Of Intuit GoPayment ?

QuickBooks GoPayment is a convenient card payment process.You can use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet for all types of payments (whether cash or checks). The app accepts payment anywhere, any time but there should be a simple Intuit mobile card reader for iPhone and Android phone users.Well, the application is a fine option for small enterprises or individuals offering services at customer locations such as photographers, tutors, home service professionals (like house cleaners and plumbers),and child and pet caretakers. Both the parties (you and your customer) can simply make payment. It takes very less time to complete the process. It’s also a great option for professionals who don’t want to spend a lot on equipment just for few credit card transactions in a month.Mobile credit card processing has become easier with the introduction of this app from Intuit. However it’s not essential to plug free card reader, the card can be scanned even by your camera. Along with easy payment, a customer can also receive email, text or a receipt.You must know that the entire process is covered under a few steps only. First, you need to customize your receipt that includes your logo, store details, social media links, and personalized messages. After then, add those items that you sell more often, involving their rates, descriptions, and photos.


Using GoPayment is not a difficult task at all. In fact, you will find it very easy to go with.It doesn’t make any difference that what type of device you have. First of all, you need to download the GoPayment app.If you use iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then click ‘App Store’ icon. There look for ‘GoPayment’. When appears, choose it and go for its installation. The same steps need to be performed for Android devices. But do remember that instead of App Store, you have to use ‘Google Play Store’.After launching the app, pick a suitable option depending on whether you have GoPayment a/c or not. If already having an a/c, please log in. If not, then apply for an account.It’s very simple as it involves giving details about yourself and your business and ordering a card reader (that will reach to the user within 7–10 business days). Even while waiting for your card reader to come, you’ll be immediately ready to initiate processing payments.For the test transaction, launch the app first. After this, go through the process as though you were accepting an actual payment, by using your own credit card details. To void the transaction,tap ‘History’ on the home screen. There you can see a list of all transactions (yours should be the only one until now).Choose that payment and then tap the arrow (situated at top right) to make the transaction void. After this, “void” status on history screen and the transaction receipt would appear to you.


Below described are various plans offered by Intuit Go Payment. These plans can be purchased online by the user. Please note that prices differ from plan to plan. Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Self-Employed are its four types. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Simple Start plan is a good option for small enterprises for sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships,corporations, non-profits etc. It helps you to track income and expenses, records and organize receipts, maximizes tax withdrawal, invoice and receive payments, sends estimates, track sales as well as sales tax. The amount you need to pay for the plan is $20 per month.

2. Essentials plan is perfect for small enterprises for sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, corporations,non-profits etc. Offers all the features as that of Simple Plan. In addition to that, it helps to manage bills, multiple users, track time. The price you need to pay for the plan is $35 per month.

3. Plus plan is best for small enterprises for sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, corporations,non-profits etc. Offers all the features as that of the Essential plan. Along with this, it also tracks projects,tracks inventory and manages 1099 contractors. Amount to be paid for the software is $60 per month.

4. The self-employed plan is the great option for freelancers, for sole proprietors who file a schedule C.Benefit it offers are- it traces income and expenses, records and organize receipts,estimate quarterly taxes,invoice and receive payments, run basic reports and track miles. Additional benefits:

  • Instant credit card processing app that uses Intuit card reader.
  • Numerous ways are there to accept payments. One by using any mobile phone and the second one is directly using  QB application.
  • Save both your time and money. It’s because of integration provided by Intuit payment processing combined with QuickBooks software.
  • The best part is that it is compatible with almost every device. You can run it on mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • You can also find the virtual terminal in software. Just you need to log in to your a/c and insert card details.This way, you can send email receipts to your clients.


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