How To Rectify Quickbooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 ?

Reliability, security, and accuracy are the three qualities that make Quickbooks an excellent product in this competitive market. Intuit (maker of Quickbooks) has designed it with a top-notch technology. It shines above the rest. Also,it is its advanced features that have added to its professional aspect.In spite of high-tech features, sometimes the user face the erroneous situation with it. Well, it’s true that no software is full-proof. And Qb is no exception to the fact. One such error reported by the users is ‘Error 3371 status code 11118’. But you guys don’t worry, we are always there for you. Today in this post, we have mentioned remedies to sought out this error. Just perform them carefully and go hassle-free with your software.Before moving to its solution,you must have known about its symptoms:

The error could appear on the screen when the software is not able to initialize license properties. The error is basically one and takes place due to improper setup of application in user’s computer. It has been made essential by Intuit to have license details stored on hard drive. Due to any reason, if that information, file, or license data get corrupted or damaged, a user may see this error. The two error dialogue box will show you two different methods to go with.One will say about reinstalling the product and another will recommend you to search for help on the website.

Causes Of Error 3371 :

  • A damaged encrypted file in Qb Desktop is responsible for this error.
  • It can also happen if your Windows OS is no longer compatible with the version of QB software.
  • If you open the file without saving it, then there is also a possibility of error to arise. You must first save them.QBO file before importing it.
  • During the process of cloning the data on C:/ drive to another new hard drive, the error can also be discovered. At that time, the entitlement file needs to be removed. Additionally, the license information must also be re-entered to fix the error.

Try given steps to resolve the error:

  • First, hold down Windows key and press R from your keyboard. It will open the Run.
  • There you need to enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or the exact location on your system where QB keeps entitlement details) followed by pressing ‘OK’. It will then open Windows Explorer at that location.

NOTE: It should work with QB products from 2013 through 2016.

  • Now, search for ecml file and make a right-click on it. Next, press Delete option to delete it.
  • Afterwards, close this window and re-run your QB software. You will then be asked to register the product again.


i) If you are ProAdvisor with several copies of software on your device, then it is required to re-register every Qb version installed on your pc.

ii) Only the workstation that has configuration change will be affected by the issue. In case, you are in a networked environment with different computers, others should not be affected/harmed.


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