How to fix “Brother Printer Offline” in Windows 10 ?


Is your brother printer offline on windows 10 If yes? Read the below para to know the methods through which you can bring your Brother printer back in the online state. When a user’s printing device gets offline then there could be a lot of reason behind this. 

Guide To Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

Verify Your Printer Connection :

It may possible that your printer is not connected properly to the computer or the Internet. To check your printer’s connectivity, try out these given steps –

  • First, restart your printer. Now, wait for a few minutes until your printing device gets ready.
  • Next, check your printer connection. It doesn’t matter whether you are connected via USB or wireless connection. You need to look at both the connections. Be sure that all USB and cable are strongly attached. 
  • If using the wireless connection, make sure you are having the proper network, Internet access, and IP address. If you are connected properly then the wireless icon on your printer will lit-up.
  • In the end, run “test print”.

Still, your printer is offline then go with the next remedy.

Check your Printer status :

  • For this, press “Windows + R ” from your keyboard and type control panel in run windows and click on ok.
  • Then Go to “Printers and Devices”.
  • After then, select your printer and right-click to open the drop-down menu. Now, tap on “See what is printing”.

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