How to fix “Brother Printer Offline” in Windows 10 ?

Highly preferred by home or business owners, Brother Printer is a top-notch brand in the market nowadays. Its ordinary features, affordable price, superior quality distinguishes it from other similar printers. However, some users complain that the Brother printer shows offline on windows 10 causing disturbance in their routine work.

Yes, it may be possible. Just like any other machinery, these printers are also prone to tech issues. But you should not worry at all. Read this whole article to know about the causes and learn how you can tackle them easily at home.

why is my brother printer offline windows 10 ?

Here are some reasons that might hamper the smooth functioning of your wireless printing device:

  • When your PC is not able to identify the printer.
  • Issues regarding safety and security .
  • Faulty USB cord or port.
  • When there is a problem /fault in the Printer driver.
  • When your computer requires cleaning.

Methods To Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

Read the below para to know the methods through which you can bring your Brother printer back in the online state. When a user’s printing device gets offline then there could be a lot of reason behind this. 

Verify Your Printer Connection :

It may possible that your printer is not connected properly to the computer or the Internet. To check your printer’s connectivity, try out these given steps –

  • First, restart your printer. Now, wait for a few minutes until your printing device gets ready.
  • Next, check your printer connection. It doesn’t matter whether you are connected via USB or wireless connection. You need to look at both the connections. Be sure that all USB and cable are strongly attached. 
  • If using the wireless connection, make sure you are having the proper network, Internet access, and IP address. If you are connected properly then the wireless icon on your printer will lit-up.
  • In the end, run “test print”.

Still, your printer is offline then go with the next remedy.

Check your printer cartridge

 The printer may go offline when it doesn’t get the cartridge. The function of the cartridge is to carry the ink and if the printer can’t find the cartridge, it won’t perform well. So, whenever there is any issue, you must once check the cartridge.

For this, Open your printer and remove its ink cartridge. If its contact pins at the sideways are bent, fix them with due care. It may also be possible that the contact pins or cartridge may get damaged. You will then need to replace them.

By installing the new one, things will get sorted out. But keep one thing in mid that all the protective tapes and pins should be carefully removed from the cartridge.

Fix Paper Jamming

It could be another reason for your Brother printer showing offline status. At the time of taking printout, chances are there that the paper gets stuck inside the paper roller. As a result, The paper roller stops working and your printer gets into a situation of  paper jam.

It may also happen when the paper roller draws two or more pages at the same time. You can simply fix it on your own. just open the printer and remove the junk and see the difference

Check the fuser of your printer

Sometimes due to overheating, the printer’s fuser may get damaged. If you are in the same situation, Do one thing. Turn off your Brother printer for a while and let it cool down. Restart the printer, after then. If no result comes and it is fully damaged, buy a new one and try printing again.

Clear Your printer’s memory

The print jobs are stored in the printer’s memory. As and when it receives a new command, it gets stored in the memory and then gets executed. The printer’s memory has the ability to store various print commands. But sometimes memory gets filled up, as the number of commands are given by the user. So, when the user tries to give a new command, it starts displaying errors. Clean the printer’s memory to come out of this situation.

Check the ink level on the cartridge

Lack of ink or no ink on the cartridge may also cause errors to occur. So, Refill the ink on the cartridge and then continue your work.

Disabling SNMP Enabled

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for network management that gathers information and configures network devices that include printers, hubs, servers etc. It could also be held responsible for the inconvenience you are facing.

Try out the given steps for desired results

  • First, Press Windows + R, type “control” in the dialogue box. Hit ‘Enter’.
  • In the control panel, tap ‘View Devices and Printers’ option seen underneath Hardware and Sound.
  • You will see that your printer will be listed here. Right-click on it and choose the ‘Printer properties’ option.
  • In this step, locate the port in which your printing device is currently connected to. Select it and then click Configure port.
  • Now, uncheck the option ‘SNMP Status Enabled’ in the port configuring settings. Save the changes made and  then exit.

If still an error appears on screen, read the next remedy.

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