How To Fix Norton 360 Error 3039 1 65559 ?

How To Fix Norton 360 Error 3039 1 65559 ?

After hearing from many of our users about this error code, I have decided to write a blog for you.Here, you will get to know about its symptoms, possible causes as well as remedies.Friends, this is a common problem for Norton antivirus. You need not to bother at all. Just follow the directions provided below in the same manner as told. In case, you find it hard to perform it on your own, get sure help from our experts. Reach them via toll-number (1-800-314-8024).Before we proceed, let me tell you that ‘Norton 360‘ is an intensive security tool having optimization and problem-solving tools. You can safeguard your device from the viruses, malware and alternative online attacks with the help of this product.


1. The appearance of error 3039, 65559 destructs active program window.
2. User PC frequently crashes with the error when running the same program.
3. The slow movement of Windows and its sluggish response towards mouse or keyboard input.
4. User PC periodically “freezes” for a short time.
5. Frequent pop-up of message saying “Norton AntiVirus Error 3039, 65559” on your screen.
6. Not able to access PC in a straightforward way.

Friends, do remember that the error can appear at the time of program installation, while a Symantec-related software program (for instance, Norton AntiVirus) is running, during Windows Startup or Shutdown, or even during installation of Windows OS. Having detail regarding when and where the error took place can help you a lot in rectifying the same.


1. Corruption of Windows system files or Norton related program files that have taken place due to malware and virus attacks.
2. Norton AntiVirus-related files are removed by another program by mistake.
3. When the download is corrupted or Norton AntiVirus has incompletely installed.
4. Corruption in Windows registry from a recent AntiVirus-related software change (i.e install or uninstall).

A lot of reasons are there giving rise to this error code. So, you need to be attentive towards each of them and help to prevent it from occurring again in future.

Operating System Details:

The above error may arise in any of the given Microsoft Windows OS:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2000

You can fix the error by uninstalling and reinstalling Norton product. Use NRnR (Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool) to remove and reinstall the product (Norton) automatically on your device.


For this, go with given steps:

  • First, download ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool’ from the given link: norton.com/setup.
  • Next, open download folder and there double-click on the downloaded file to run the installer.
  • To give your consent to the software license agreement, tap ‘Agree’ option. After then, click Remove and Reinstall.
  • To remove Norton from your device, you need to tap ‘Continue or Remove’ option.
  • Once Norton 360 is removed successfully, tap ‘Restart’ to save the changes made.
  • When the device restarts, move as per on-screen directions to reinstall Norton 360.
  • Agree to the Software license agreement to reinstall it (Norton 360) on your system.
  • Please insert product key (if needed) and pick ‘Close’ option after successful installation of the product.


  • Begin by visiting manufacturer website. There select ‘Download Now’ option to download Norton Power Eraser.
  • Next, tap Save File or Run (as per your browser) to save the file on your system.
  • After this, double click on file NPE.exe. And hit ‘Yes’ to keep continue with the installation process.
  • To accept a software license agreement, go with ‘Accept’ option on a wizard.
  • Now, choose Unwanted Application Scan from Norton Power Eraser window.
  • In order to remove unwanted apps, you have to click ‘Uninstall’ after the results appeared on a screen.
  • Follow on-screen guidelines to uninstall the apps.

NOTE: Restart your PC after successful removal of applications.

Other methods you can try are:

* Repair Registry Entries related to this error
* Perform a Full Malware Scan of your device
* Clean all your device Junk (Temporary Files and Folders) by using Disk Cleanup
* Update your device Drivers
* Undo Recent System Changes via Windows System Restore
* Run Windows System File Checker (“sfc /scan now”)
* Install all available Windows Updates

I hope, you guys found the content useful. For further inquiry, visit our help center.



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